Getting your licence

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Why license your pet?


Licensing your pet is important! By doing this you are helping your own pet and other animals too. The money collected from licences helps us care for the animals that come through the shelter doors every day.

Learn more on why it is important to license your pet​.​​​​​​​​​​​​

How to pay and payment methods


Dog License Fees

Sterilized and microchipped$25$40
Sterilized and microchipped (for owners 55+)$15$20
Unsterilized and/or not microchipped$60$90
Unsterilized and/or not microchipped (for owners 55+)$40$60

Cat License Fees

Sterilized and microchipped$13$20
Sterilized and microchipped (for owners 55+)$6$10
Unsterilized and/or not microchipped$40$60
Unsterilized and/or not microchipped (for owners 55+)$20$30