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City of Brampton Coyotes are those of an Eastern Coyote averaging a weight of approximately 31-40 lbs. Coyotes are integral members of a diversified ecosystem and contribute to a necessary and healthy prey-predator balance. They are known as our natural garbage collectors. We benefit tremendously from their activities, however, human-coyote conflicts may arise when we intentionally feed them or inadvertently create opportunities for free-food around our City.​

If you are looking for more ways to learn and understand Coyote behaviour and how to protect you and your property see the City of Brampton educational pamphlet - Living with Coyotes​. ​Or you can always take a deeper dive on the Ontario Ministry website to learn more about how you can avoid conflicts with coyotes; Preventing & Managing Conflicts with Coyotes, Wolves & Foxes.​

Be Coyote Smart; Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet outlines the common concerns brought forward by your community and the City’s response. This fact sheet has been translated into 11 different languages to make it accessible by all.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


To hear more information about Coyotes in Brampton, click here to see interview​ aired on Prime Asia-Canada. Supervisor of Animal Services, Amanda Barrett discusses Coyotes in Brampton with Nitin Chopra.