Welcome to Downtown Brampton


Establishment of the “Downtown Brampton Projects Centre” is well underway.

A city meeting space bridging the gap between residents and local Downtown Brampton businesses.
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​​Investing in Downtown Brampton  Learn more about investments happening in Downtown Brampton (click left)​

A more vibrant, livable, sustainable and resilient Downtown Brampton

Downtown Brampton is undergoing a transformation. The City continues to revitalize its downtown, creating a vibrant and connected community where residents and businesses can thrive. The City of Brampton continues to support the growing needs of community members by highlighting popular activities, events and destinations that are free to explore in the Downtown Brampton core for Bramptonians and visitors.

We are committed to delivering programs and initiatives that support new developments and revitalize unique destinations in the Downtown Brampton community to encourage economic recovery due to Covid-19. We will continue collaborating with the Downtown Brampton BIA to unlock economic potential in the area with the development of an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem commonly referred to as the Brampton “Innovation District.” There is so much to see and do in Downtown Brampton. From hosting artistic and cultural events to investments in public transportation and expansion of post-secondary institutions, collectively, we are committed to the continuous improvement of Downtown Brampton for all.​​

Role of the Downtown Brampton BIA

The Downtown Brampton BIA works in partnership with the City of Brampton Council to highlight the vibrant innovation, creativity and cultural diversity present in Downtown Brampton. By engaging in ongoing neighbourhood beautification projects, marketing initiatives, business networking and promotion, we work together to make sure Downtown Brampton reflects the living mosaic of diversity present in Brampton as a whole. The BIA resources are channelled towards building strong community connections and creating memorable experiences for tourists, shoppers, diners and new businesses.        Learn more about the Downtown Brampton BIA