Integrated Downtown Plan

Map of Downtown Brampton

Coordinated, Integrated and Strategic​

The Integrated Downtown Plan (IDP) is a roadmap for action - coordinating Downtown Brampton’s many ongoing initiatives and infrastructure projects. The IDP is anticipated to guide future growth and strategic investment till the year 2051.

Building on the bold initiatives outlined in the Brampton 2040 Vision, the IDP will adhere to the same guiding principles of inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability. It will help coordinate infrastructure upgrades, urban design, land use, and programming interventions - positioning Brampton as a pivotal economic driver, regional cultural hub, and innovation district.

Council prioritized the need to unlock Downtown Brampton’s potential – advocating change and securing the City’s future. This includes improving livability and prosperity by ensuring local employment opportunities, neighbourhood services and programs, quality public spaces, and co-ordinating a full range of active capital projects.

Aligned with the Brampton 2040 Vision and Term of Council Priorities, Downtown Brampton is undergoing a transformation. As the historic urban city centre, Downtown Brampton (Secondary Plan Area 7) showcases a unique natural, cultural, and built heritage. It is geographically situated south of Vodden Street, west of the Etobicoke Creek, north of Main Street and Harold Street, and east of McLaughlin Road.


The Brampton 2040 Vision was endorsed by City Council in May 2018 which envisions Downtown as an advanced education, arts and life sciences hub. The Vision projects 20,000 households and 26,000 jobs in 2040 and beyond.

The Integrated Downtown Plan will align with the following Term of Council Priorities:

  1. Brampton is a City of Opportunities – Create Complete Communities
  2. Brampton is a City of Opportunities – Unlock Downtown and Uptown
  3. Brampton is a City of Opportunities – Prioritize Jobs within Centres
  4. Brampton is a City of Opportunities – Attract Investment & Employment
  5. Brampton is a Green City – Equalize all forms of Transportation
  6. Brampton is a Green City – Sustainable Growth



Our Vision is the long-term goal for our city.

Learn about the 2040 Vision

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Shahid Mahmood,
Principal Planner

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Assistant Policy Planner