​​​The City of Brampton is responsible for:

  • Issuing lottery licences or cGaming permits to eligible charitable or non-profit organizations in accordance with Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)/Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG) requirements;
  • Monitoring the use of proceeds raised under said licences and/or permits; and
  • Using the authority provided through legislation and policy to enforce gaming regulations as required through federal, provincial or municipal legislation/policy.

What is a licenced lottery event?

A licenced lottery event is a lottery scheme where money or other valuable consideration is given for a chance to win a prize.

Are you eligible for a lottery licence or cGaming Permit (Electronic Bingo)?

The eligibility of your organization will be determined by the licensing office in Brampton and/or by the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming. Charitable registration with the Canada Revenue Agency or incorporation as a charitable/non-profit organization does not guarantee eligibility for a lottery licence.

Your organization may be eligible if it:

  • has a mandate/purpose to provide charitable services to the residents of Brampton and/or the residents of Ontario which could include:
    • the relief of poverty
    • the advancement of religion
    • the advancement of education
    • other benefits to the community
  • has carried out activities consistent with its mandate/purpose for at least 1 year
  • is located in Brampton or, in some instances, elsewhere in Ontario
  • is charitable or non-profit

Examples may include:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Service clubs
  • Youth activities/sports
  • Arts/culture

Organizations that only promote the private interests of their members do not qualify for lottery/gaming event licences. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Adult recreation or sports activities
  • Adult hobby groups
  • Individual sport teams
  • Unions or employee groups
  • Social clubs
  • Professional associations
  • Elected representatives
  • Political, government, lobbying or advocacy groups.

Applying for a licence/permit

If you feel that you meet the eligibility requirements noted above, you may apply to the City for one of the following licences/permits:

  • Bingo - Paper (Licence) or Electronic (cGaming Permit);
  • Raffle - this includes merchandise raffles, 50/50 draws, Catch The Ace draws and others;
  • Break Open Ticket - also known as Nevada Tickets or Pull Tabs; and
  • Bazaar - usually one or two day events that can include raffles, bingos and/or wheels of fortune

First-time applicants

Along with the licence application, supporting documents and licence fee, your organization will need to undergo an eligibility review. This review can take 30 days or more and requires that a series of documents be submitted with the application package. Each first time applicant will need to include, where applicable, the following documents with its application package:

  • A copy of its letters patent;
  • A copy of its constitution and bylaws;
  • A copy of its budget for the current year;
  • A copy of its financial statements for the preceding year;
  • A list of its Board of Directors;
  • Its latest report to the Public Guardian and Trustee;
  • Its charitable number for income tax purposes;
  • A copy of its “Notification of Registration” letter from the Canada Revenue Agency with any supporting documentation, indicating the applicant's status and terms of registration;
  • Copies of its charitable returns to the Canada Revenue Agency for the previous calendar year;
  • A detailed description of its activities; and
  • A copy of its annual report

For a full list of the documents that can be requested during an eligibility review, please refer to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario ​website.

For more information about the licence application, supporting documents and applicable fees, please contact the lottery licensing office at roger.wilson@brampton.ca.

Additional information

If you require further information on lottery licences or cGaming permits, please contact the lottery licensing office at 905-874-2551. Mail or in-person inquires can be made at:

Brampton City Hall
City Clerk's Office
2 Wellington St West
Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2

Lottery/gaming related activities are regulated by the Criminal Code of Canada, Sections 206 & 207, Ontario Order in Council 1413/08 (current), the Gaming Control Act, 1992 and Regulations as well as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

You can obtain copies of the Gaming Control Act and Regulations, Provincial Information Bulletins, and forms from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's website at www.agco.on.ca.

Contact By-law Enforcement

Flower City Community Campus
8850 McLaughlin Road South, Unit 2
Brampton, ON L6Y 5T1

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm


  • Dial 3-1-1 (within City limits)
  • 905.874.2000 (outside City limits)
  • 905.874.2130 (Teletypewriter or Text Telephone)

Emails received after business hours will be responded to the next business day.

Contact the City Clerk's Office

Brampton City Hall
2 Wellington Street West
Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2

Southwest corner of Main and Queen

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm


  • 905.874.2551 (lottery inquiries)
  • 905.874.2580 (stationary business inquiries)
  • 905.874.2130 (Teletypewriter or Text Telephone)