Payment Options

Cashless payments begin January 1, 2021

Taxes and Building Division fees

For safer financial transactions among residents, business-owners, and employees, effective January 1, 2021, the City will collect property taxes and Building Division fees through the following methods, as cash payments will no longer be accepted.

  • Pre-authorized payments
  • Online banking
  • Phone banking
  • In-person payments through personal banking branches
  • In-person debit-card payments
  • In-person credit-card payments (Building fees only)

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Tax Payment Options

​In-person property tax payments can be made by appointment only

The City of Brampton offers a number of convenient ways to pay your property taxes. We’ve also just recently become more environment friendly by eliminating the return envelope. Taxpayers can use any of the below easy options to make tax payments:

1. Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan (PTP)

The City withdraws your tax payments automatically from your chequing account (you can't use line of credit, credit card or savings accounts). From your pre-authorized payment notice, you will know the dates the payments will be deducted each month and they’ll be recorded automatically on your chequing account statement. There are no service charges or fees for enrolling in the plan. If you require further information or wish to enrol, please visit the Pre-Authorized Payment Program.

2. Pre-Authorized Payments for Commercial/Industrial/Multi-Residential Properties

The City of Brampton is offering pre-authorized payments for non-residential properties. The tax rate for non-residential properties is not always set at the same time as residential properties, so final instalments may not be divided over six equal payments. If you require further information or wish to enrol, please visit the Pre-Authorized Payment Program. 

3. Postdated Cheques 

The City will accept postdated cheques corresponding to the tax due dates on the stubs and hold for deposit as they come due. You can drop off postdated cheques in person or mail them. Please make cheques payable to "Brampton Taxes". Postdated cheques cannot exceed one year from the first issue date. 

4. At a Bank or Other Financial Institution

Property taxes are payable at most banks or trust companies (financial institutions may charge for this service).

5. By Mail 

To send payments by mail, please address them to the City of Brampton, PO Box 4263 Station A Toronto ON M5W 5T5.  Please make all cheques payable to "Brampton Taxes" and write your 17-digit Tax Roll Number on each cheque.

6. Pay In Person.

An appointment is mandatory for in-person payments, click here​ to book your appointment​.

Visit Brampton City Hall,  2 Wellington Street West, 1st floor. Cash, debit and cheque payments accepted. After hours, payments may be placed in a sealed envelope in the night drop box, located at City Hall lobby adjacent to the parking garage elevator. Or visit Service Brampton Centre (new location) Civic Centre, 150 Central Park Dr, main floor. Debit and cheque payments accepted.

7. Drop Boxes

After hours, payments may be placed in a sealed envelope in the night drop box, located at City Hall lobby adjacent to the parking garage elevator.

8. Internet/Telephone

If paying property taxes by internet banking and/or telephone banking, enter your 17-digit Tax Roll Number as the requested account number.
If paying property taxes by cheque, please clearly print your 17-digit Tax Roll Number on the front of the cheque.
Tax Roll Number
00 - MUN
00-00 MAP
000 - SUB
00000 - PARCEL
0000 - TENANT

9. Pay Property Taxes By Credit Card

Credit card payments are not accepted directly by the City of Brampton. However, Property Taxes can be paid online by credit card using an online bill payment service provider such as Plastiq or Paytm. The service provider may charge service fees and there may be restrictions on the types of credit cards accepted. The City of Brampton receives only the billed tax amount. Payment is processed by the City on the date we receive the funds which may be a few days after payment is made. Please refer to the service provider's website for terms and conditions of their service, charges and payment processing times.​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​Optional Tax Deferral

Will tax payment be deferred?

The City of Brampton has waived the interest and late fees on tax payments for the five-month period of March 18 to August 19, 2020 in response to COVID-19. This means that the City of Brampton allows residents the ability to choose to make the outstanding interim tax payments by August 19, 2020 without incurring penalty and interest:

  • Taxpayers are encouraged to make tax payments on the original due dates. Payments will continue to be accepted and processed by the City. Payments can be made at financial institutions, through online banking or dropped off at the drop box located at City Hall lobby adjacent to the parking garage elevator.
  • Neither interest nor late fees will be charged for the second instalment of taxes, which was due on March 18, or for the third instalment, which is due on April 22.
  • Those who sent postdated cheques to the City for their April tax instalment and would like to cancel the payment may do so by calling 311 by April 15.
  • Taxpayers who have pre-authorized tax payments through their bank can cancel their instalment, by submitting their request in writing here. In order to resume the pre-authorized payment at a later date, the payment holder will need to re-apply to the City.
  • Pre-authorized Payment Plan (PTP) instalments for April, May and June will be withdrawn for those who did not cancel their PTP.
  • The April 22 regular instalment payment can be made at financial institutions, through online banking or dropped off at the drop box located at City Hall lobby adjacent to the parking garage elevator.

To learn more about the steps to pay your taxes or defer them, click here​.

For any inquiries, click here to contact Property Tax.

What if I can’t pay my taxes in five months?

These are interim measures to assist residents over the coming weeks and months. After August 19th, penalty and interest charges will be charged on tax arrears unless further measures are enacted in response to our conditions at that time.​

Should deferred amounts be paid back in a lump sum by August 19?

Taxpayers are encouraged to make tax payments on the original due dates. Payments will continue to be accepted and processed by the City. You could make smaller payments over the next few months or could pay as a lump sum. But be sure to pay all deferred amounts latest by August 19, 2020 to avoid penalties on overdue balance.

When is the latest I can make my tax payment by?

All tax arrears should be paid by August 19. Penalty and interest charges will be re-instated on arrears after August 19 unless further measures are enacted.​​

What about automatic monthly withdrawals? Can I cancel my April instalment?

Due to potential volumes and limited resources, we are asking residents to maintain the April instalment for automatic withdrawals. The City will do its best to accommodate all requests for cancellation of the pre-authorized tax payment program but cannot guarantee that all requests can be processed prior to the April withdrawal due dates.​

Is a deferral the same thing as waiving fees?

No. A deferral delays a payment due to a future date without penalty. It does not cancel the payment, it still must be made at a future date. Waiving penalty and interest fees means that payments that are made late do not incur any further penalty until August 19, 2020. Customers can choose to pay their taxes as originally billed and according to the due dates previously billed. If customers choose not to pay, only the original instalment amount as billed remains in arrears.

What do I need to do?

The City will waive all Penalties and Interest on overdue property taxes between March 18th, 2020 and August 19th, 2020. If you would normally make your April instalment payment through your financial institution or at City Hall on or before the April 22nd due date and are not included in the Pre-authorized Tax Payment (PTP) program or have submitted a post-dated cheque, then you do not have to do anything at this time.

The payment date of April 22nd will elapse and no penalties and interest will accrue on your account until starting August 19th, 2020. If you are part of the PTP program or have provided the City with a post-dated cheque for your next payment, then please contact 311 to begin the process of cancelling your participation in the PTP program (beginning May 2020) or to put a stop payment on your April post-dated cheque.

Please note that the City must receive your payment on or before August 19th, 2020, otherwise penalties and interest will begin to accrue on any overdue balance at that time.​

I made my March payment, can I request a refund?

No. Tax payments already made, whether by Pre-authorized payment method or as per regular instalment due date, will not be refunded. The City of Brampton has deferred currently outstanding property tax payments until August 19, 2020 without incurring penalty and interest. This measure allows residents ability to chose to make the currently outstanding interim tax payments due in April, May, and June for PTP as well as regular instalment due on April 22, 2020, by August 19, 2020 without any penalty and interest.

How can I find out how much I owe and when it’s due?

Taxpayers can use the on-line My Property Tax Service​ to access their tax account information.

How will this deferral impact my monthly PTP for the Final Tax Billing starting in July?

The Final Tax instalment and PTP due dates have not yet been established. The deferral of the interim payments will be taken into consideration when setting these dates. As all taxes must be collected in the calendar year, final billing PTP instalment amounts will have to be adjusted.

​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​