May 31 Sun Punjabi Writer’s Book Club (Virtual Session) May 31, 1:30 PM Arts, Culture, Tourism Events
Jun 01 Mon Working Together Six Feet Apart: Planning a Safe Return to the Office June 1, 10:00 AM Business Events Whether you are already working in your office or preparing to bring employees back to the workplace, you will learn about new ways of thinking and best practices needed to set the stage for getting back to business as restrictions ease.
Jun 01 Mon Small Business Q & A June 1, 10:00 AM Business Events It’s easy to feel isolated when running a business. Fear not! The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre is here to help. Connect with our business advisors and other entrepreneurs to bounce off ideas and gain third-person perspective on making effective b...
Jun 01 Mon Mentor Mondays June 1, 5:00 PM Business Events Garrett Hall and Diego Cortes will share their digital customer acquisition experience to help you strategize and adapt to the new way of doing business.
Jun 02 Tue Turning Disadvantage into Advantage with Mark Hobbs of Fundmetric June 2, 12:00 PM Business Events In this session, Mark lays bare the gritty details of how Fundmetric has been able to attract and retain heavily sought-after flagship customers.
Jun 02 Tue Frauds and Scams June 2, 1:00 PM Residents Events
Jun 02 Tue Planning for Financial Recovery June 2, 1:00 PM Business Events As emergency loans and deferral payments become due, you need a financial recovery plan in place for your business.
Jun 02 Tue E2E COVID-19 Survival Toolkit: Growth Hacking June 2, 3:00 PM Business Events What is traditionally called Growth Hacking is now considered Growth Marketing by experts.
Jun 02 Tue Growth hacking during a downturn June 2, 3:00 PM Business Events In RIC Centre's Experts to Entrepreneurs speaker series we'll connect you with seasoned business professionals who have tried and true models for success, as well as experienced founders who have been in your position not so long ago.​
Jun 02 Tue How to Create a Business Plan to Relaunch Your Business After the Crisis June 2, 6:00 PM Business Events A solid business plan doesn’t necessarily guarantee success—but it definitely helps put the odds in your favour
Jun 03 Wed Wednesday Wakeup with the Brampton Board of Trade June 3, 8:00 AM Business Events Every Wednesday morning, you are invited to jointhe Brampton Board of Tradefor “Wednesday Wakeup!” at 8am. Grab a coffee and get settled in for some virtual networking
Jun 03 Wed Aligning Your Startup or Social Enterprise to the UN Sustainable Development Goals June 3, 10:00 AM Business Events In this webinar, you will learn the UN SDGs framework, how to map and localize SDGs to your startup or social enterprise and approaches for measuring impact.
Jun 03 Wed Financial Literacy and Modelling with BDO June 3, 10:00 AM Business Events For many tech companies, there’s a lot to learn regarding the financial side of building and running a business!
Jun 03 Wed Promoting Healthy living among communities June 3, 11:00 AM Residents Events
Jun 03 Wed Navigating Trademark Trends When Change is the Only Constant June 3, 12:00 PM Business Events It’s been almost a year since the changes to the Canadian Trademarks Act took effect. Now, we are dealing with the unforeseen circumstances due to COVID-19
Jun 03 Wed Small Business Websites 101: Online Webinar June 3, 6:00 PM Business Events There is a great deal to consider when you’re building a new website or redesigning an existing one. This beginner workshop covers everything you need to know, from choosing and registering a domain name, to building the website itself, to making sur...
Jun 04 Thu Data Disasters: Compliance and Privacy in the Digital Age June 4, 10:00 AM Business Events Are you worried about the privacy of your business data? Are you overwhelmed with understanding government regulations related to the privacy and protection of your business data? In this interesting and clear presentation, Sean Stephens will help yo...
Jun 04 Thu COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for the Retail Sector June 4, 11:00 AM Business Events Join us on this webinar to learn more about government guidelines and recently created City programs to support main street and retail businesses.
Jun 04 Thu Business strategy for recovery from COVID-19 and our new reality June 4, 11:00 AM Business Events This webinar is intended to provide businesses with key considerations for building and adapting their business strategies to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and to position themselves for success in our new reality.​
Jun 04 Thu From the Black Death to the Coronavirus: What past pandemics can teach us about COVID-19 June 4, 12:00 PM Business Events Hendrik Poinar will draw on ancient DNA analysis, anthropology, and history to discuss what past pandemics and plagues can teach us about COVID-19 with Kate Geddie, Senior Director, Research.