Downtown Brampton lies within the Etobicoke Creek floodplain. Provincial policies around hazard management restrict the type and amount of development that can occur there today.

Riverwalk will be a transformative opportunity to help revitalize Brampton’s downtown and make it healthy, sustainable and resilient. The project will provide long-term flood risk reduction solutions along Etobicoke Creek while creating places for residents to access nature and enjoy public spaces. This will be achieved through two parts.

The first part is the Downtown Brampton Flood Protection, which is meant to eliminate and reduce flooding from Etobicoke Creek during extreme storms. Work on the detailed design is underway and is being led by AECOM. Construction of the flood protection framework is anticipated to being in 2025 and be completed in 2028.

The second part of Riverwalk is the implementation of the Urban Design Master Plan, which creates the public realm outwards and around the flood protection area. The Master Plan includes parks development along the valley, open space design, creation of eco-spaces, and recreational uses and programming to promote active lifestyles and animate open spaces.​


The Urban Design Master Plan wins two more awards!

The 2023 Brampton Urban Design Awards has awarded the UDMP the Award of Excellence and Best Overall project. ​

Detailed Design Work in Progress

The City has retained AECOM to work on a detailed design of the Downtown Brampton Flood Protection, which is meant to eliminate and reduce flooding from the Etobicoke Creek during extreme storms.​

Urban Design Master Plan Receives Award

The Canadian Association of Landscape Architects has awarded the Urban Design Master Plan an Award for Excellence. The award recognizes how the Master Plan integrates the flood protection infrastructure into the public and open spaces.​


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