Riverwalk Area Urban Design Master Plan

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​The Riverwalk Area Urban Design Master Plan (UDMP) is an open space master plan that will develop concepts for:

  • the open space system along the valley​

  • the treatment of the flood infrastructure 

  • ​​the integration of active transportation, sustainability, resilience, and public health​ 

  • programming of public spaces

​The UDMP is complementary to the Flood Protection Environmental Assessment and will integrate the flood protection measures into the public, open space realm along the Etobicoke Creek valley from Vodden Street to Clarence Street. It will look at parks development along the valley, open space design, eco-spaces, and recreational uses, to promote active lifestyles and to animate open spaces.​​

​Attention will be paid to the programming opportunities (including recreation, arts and culture, heritage, education) in the area considering the role this area will play as a major amenity and attraction.​​

​Pu​blic and Stakeholders are encouraged to get involved and provide their input. See the Have Your Say​ page for more information. 

For more information visit the Frequently Asked Questions page​.​

Have questions? ​Email us at riverwalk@brampton.ca​. ​​​​​​