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Valleycreek Community Vista Retrofit Public Consultation

Hosted by the City of Brampton

The City of Brampton and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority invite those who live in the below listed postal code areas to a public meeting regarding the retrofit of Alexander McVean Vista, George T. Ward Vista, and Valleycreek Vista.

These vistas will be retrofitted to accommodate new multi-use trail connections from your community to Claireville Conservation Area. Your input is important as it will help ensure that these public vistas will be designed to meet the needs of you and your neighbours.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the public meeting will be held online. Following the meeting, an online survey will be launched to seek additional feedback regarding the retrofit of these vistas.

Postal codes (hint - you can quickly search by clicking Ctrl-F on your keyboard):

L6P 0X2, L6P 0X3, L6P 1Z8, L6P 1Z9, L6P 2A1, L6P 2A2, L6P 2A3, L6P 2A4, L6P 2A5, L6P 2A6, L6P 2A7, L6P 2A8, L6P 2A9, L6P 2B1, L6P 2B2, L6P 2B3, L6P 2B4, L6P 2B5, L6P 2B6, L6P 2B7, L6P 2B8, L6P 2B9, L6P 2C1, L6P 2C2, L6P 2C3, L6P 2C4, L6P 2C5, L6P 2C6, L6P 2C7, L6P 2C8, L6P 2C9, L6P 2E1, L6P 2E2, L6P 2E3, L6P 2E4, L6P 2E5, L6P 2E6, L6P 2E7, L6P 2E8, L6P 2E9, L6P 2G1, L6P 2G2, L6P 2G3, L6P 2G4, L6P 2H3, L6P 2H4, L6P 2H5, L6P 2H6, L6P 2H7, L6P 2H8, L6P 2H9, L6P 2J1, L6P 2J2, L6P 2J3, L6P 2J4, L6P 2J5, L6P 2J6, L6P 2L2, L6P 2L3, L6P 2L4, L6P 2L5, L6P 2L6, L6P 2L7, L6P 2L8, L6P 2L9, L6P 2M1, L6P 2M2, L6P 2M3, L6P 2M4, L6P 2M5, L6P 2M6, L6P 2M7, L6P 2N6, L6P 2N7, L6P 2N8, L6P 2N9, L6P 2P1, L6P 2P2, L6P 2P3, L6P 2P4, L6P 2P5, L6P 2T4, L6P 2T5, L6P 2T6, L6P 2T7, L6P 2T8, L6P 2T9, L6P 3A4, L6P 3A5, L6P 3A6, L6P 3A7, L6P 3B4, L6P 3E2, L6P 3E3, L6P 3E4, L6P 3E5, L6P 3T4, L6P 3X4, L6P 3X8, L6P 3X9, L6P 3Y1, L6P 3Y2, L6P 4A3, L6P 4A4, L6P 4A5, L6P 4A6
Location Online
Event Date Monday, June 14, 2021
Start Time 6:00 PM
End Time 7:30 PM
Fees Free
Event Contact/Host City of Brampton, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority