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Selling on Purpose - Sales

Learn in detail the sales process and how to approach each step from client attraction and marketing tips. Plus, we will look at ways to enhance the core areas of the Sales Process. From how Step one, (Research) can help you target and address your key niche employer market, to how to move to Step 2 and conduct the prospecting process more effectively to how to structure Step 3 your interview and how you need to handle the needs analysis sessions with a client, to ensure there is a good business fit.
We will move onto part 4 where you present yourself and what ideas, experience and solutions you bring to the client’s business or life. We will also look at the last two steps in the sales process (Step 5-doing the work) making sure those you do work for are delighted with the outcomes . Plus knowing the value in asking for feedback and always have an approach of professionalism.
We then look at (Step 6- The Follow up) and the importance of following up and nurturing the customer, developing long term relationships and being an ongoing value to the company or customer.
Some of the key topics include, understanding your value, changing the way you traditionally look for employment, positioning yourself like an expert, getting clear as to what the client wants and needs and to see if you can be the “answer” to their needs. Finally, it is about nurturing the relationship and doing good work and being of service.
Location Online
Event Date Thursday, November 26, 2020
Start Time 10:00 AM
End Time 12:00 PM
Event Contact/Host Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre
Event Contact/Host's Email laura.dunkley@mississauga.ca