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How to Price Your Products and Services Profitably and Calculate your Break-even Webinar

Hosted by the City of Brampton

Pricing is one of the most important decisions you make in your business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Setting a price that’s too high or too low could affect sales, profitability and cash flow. We’ll share a winning formula with you that you can use to ensure your products and services are priced profitably.


Material Covered:
·        How to conduct industry and competitor research.
·        How to calculate your true costs.
·        What’s a fair profit margin?
·        Pricing your products or services for profit.
·        How to increase your profit margins without increasing your selling prices.
·        Calculate your monthly and annual break-even sales.
Pricing your products and services effectively will help increase your bottom-line results.
Location Online
Event Date Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Start Time 7:00 PM
End Time 8:00 PM
Event Contact/Host Brampton Entrepreneur Centre
Event Contact/Host's Email bec@brampton.ca
Phone 905-874-2650