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In Person Webinar: Achieve Your Business Goals as an Artist

As an artist, of course you want to focus on doing what you're amazing at, which is creating more art! 

The reality is that when your art is your business you can’t avoid completing administrative tasks. 

If you're in any way frustrated because you are working too hard, procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed, confused about what and how to complete administrative tasks then this webinar is for you!
This webinar will help you get organized and guide you with ways to prioritize so that your business thrives.

What you will learn from this webinar:
  • Why creating a plan is vital for any business and how it actually creates more freedom for you
  • How to make sure your goals or resolutions are realistic and executable in your day to day work
  • How to get organized while being creative
  • How to deal with resistance to changing habits
  • What tasks can you delegate to others in order to make more time for your art
Join Leyla and get motivated and energized about your journey towards achieving your business’s vision!

About the Presenter: LEYLA RAZEGHI

Leyla is a Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker. As a Business Strategist, she helps conscious businesses build plans for sustainable growth that are grounded in strong foundations. With 3 business degrees and 10 years in strategy planning for Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, her clients get benefits such as higher profits and savings in time, money and resources. Read her business tips for success for free at leylarazeghi.com​
Location Brampton City Hall, First Floor Economic Development Office - 2 Wellington St. W Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2
Event Date Thursday, March 08, 2018
Start Time 12:00 PM
End Time 1:15 PM
Fees Free
Event Contact/Host BEC in partnership with Biz Smarts
Event Contact/Host's Email bec@brampton.ca
Phone 905-874-2485