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Sales Bootcamp

This intensive bootcamp will take a deep dive into sales basics as they apply to your business and create a sales strategy to drive revenue for your startup.

This workshop is an introduction to sales basics, followed by a specialized seminar that will go deeper into the differences for b2b and b2c business owners. You will also get an opportunity to work with a coach to start working on your own strategy. If you are launching or running an early-stage business and need help applying systems to grow your revenue, this workshop is for you!

You will learn about:

  • Funnel management
  • Conversion tracking
  • Tools that will help you manage your sales process

You will gain clarity on:

  • Your value proposition
  • Your target market
  • Your messaging
Event Date Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Start Time 6:00 PM
End Time 8:30 PM
Event Contact/Host Sheridan EDGE