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Sponsor Brampton

Discover a wide variety of custom-built sponsorship opportunities in Brampton! Opportunities include partnering with us for special events held across the City and supporting programs associated with parks, recreation, business and the arts. 
We will ensure that every opportunity is linked seamlessly to your marketing objectives, allowing your products and services to gain the visibility they need. Build lasting brand value and loyalty with Brampton’s 642,000 residents by becoming part of the city’s journey as we build the community, inspire excellence and elevate the City. Contact us for additional details


2nd Annual Sponsorship Forum

November 24, 8:00 am to 9:30 am

Naming Right Opportunities

NEW! Council approved Naming Right opportunities – Click here for more information

Sponsor Brampton Transit

A unique opportunity to enhance access to public transportation for Brampton residents - Click here for more information

Sponsorship Opportunities

Find out what you can sponsor in our community

Festival And Events

Discover festival and events that interest your target audiences.

Performing Arts

Sponsor opportunities that inspire Brampton's arts and culture communities.

Naming Rights

Discover the naming opportunities of Brampton’s world class facilities.

Parks And Recreation

Join the active lifestyle of Brampton through recreation programs and community initiatives.

Business Connections

Engage with the entrepreneurs and small business owners in Brampton.

Brampton Transit

Learn more about our Brampton Transit sponsorship opportunities

Thank You To Our Current Partners