Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

November 1st – 7th, 2019

Worry–free moments made possible by working carbon monoxide (CO) alarms beside all sleeping areas. Test your CO alarm today!


Visit Brampton Fire and learn more about CO safety:

Nov. 1, 2019Costco10 Biscayne Cres.11am - 3pm
Nov. 2, 2019Cassie Campbell Rec. Centre1050 Sandalwood Pwky W.10am - 2pm
Nov. 2, 2019Rona40 Gillingham Dr.10am - 2pm
Nov. 4, 2019City of Brampton, City Hall2 Wellington St. W.11am - 1pm
Nov. 5, 2019Gore Meadows Community Centre10150 The Gore Road4pm - 7pm
Nov. 6, 2019Fire/Life Safety Education Centre225 Central Pk. Dr.3pm - 7pm
Nov. 7, 2019Home Depot49 First Gulf Blvd.3pm - 7pm
​​What is carbon monoxide (CO)?

Carbon monoxide, or “CO,” is an odourless, colorless, poisonous gas.

Sources of Carbon Monoxide: 

Many Ontario households have, on average, 4 – 6 fuel-burning appliances that produce carbon monoxide. ​Common sources of CO include:

  • furnace
  • BBQ
  • stove
  • water heater
  • dryer
  • stove
  • fuel fired fireplace
  • blocked vents or chimney
  • portable fuel fired generator
  • vehicle running in attached garage

Homeowners and landlords are responsible for ensuring their properties have working carbon monoxide (CO) alarms beside ALL sleeping areas. This includes: