Marriage Licences

Before getting married in Ontario, you must obtain a marriage licence. A marriage licence cannot be issued after a ceremony has taken place. Marriage licences are valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issue.

Applying for a Licence

A marriage licence application form must be completed and signed by both the applicant and joint applicant. The application form must be submitted along with original supporting documents for both applicants.
Only one of the applicants must attend in person, although both applicants are encouraged to attend. Marriage licences can only be issued to the applicant or joint applicant. Provided all documentation is in order, the marriage licence is issued while you wait; you do not need to make an appointment for a licence.

Location and Hours 

Licences are issued at the City Clerk’s Office, 1st Floor, Brampton City Hall, 2 Wellington Street West, between the hours of 8:30 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays). Applications will not be accepted for processing after 4 pm.


$150 (cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted).

Identification Requirements  

Applicants must each provide two (2) pieces of identification.  The Primary ID must be from List 1 and Secondary ID can be chosen from List 2 OR both pieces can be from List 1 only.  At least one of the documents must contain a current photo.  All identification must be original and valid (i.e. not expired). Names and birth dates must match on both pieces of identification.  Change of name certificates must also be provided if applicable.

List 1 - Primary ID

  • Birth certificate (with written translation by a certified translator if not in English)
  • Current, valid passport
  • Valid Canadian Government Refugee Document (with photo)

 List 2 - Secondary ID

(with written translation by a certified translator if not in English)

  • United States Green Card
  • Native Status Card
  • Citizenship Card from any country
  • Nexus or FAST Card
  • Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC)
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (Canadian Citizenship Card)
  • Record of Immigrant Landing
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Driver’s licence
  • Government issued photo card
  • Photo health card
Photocopies of identification and documents laminated after issuance
will not be accepted. If we are not confident of your age or identity, we may ask you for further proof. Please contact us if you are unsure if your ID is appropriate. 


For applicants who are 16 and 17 years of age, parental consent is required. A form must be completed and signed by both parents/guardians. Forms are available at our office.


The person(s) being issued the licence must speak and read English competently, or otherwise must be accompanied by an interpreter. It is the applicants’ responsibility to provide an interpreter. Interpreters will be required to show identification and complete a declaration form.


Canadian Divorce

The original or court certified copy of the Certificate of Divorce is required. Photocopies will not be accepted. Originals or court certified copies may be obtained from the court which granted the divorce, and will be returned to you. A judgement or Court Order (Divorce Order) issued by the Court will not be accepted – a Certificate of Divorce is required.

Foreign Divorce

Further information is available from our office and at Service Ontario.

Further Information

Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 905-874-2101 for more information.