Take a Stand

We're demanding a #FairDealForBrampton for auto insurance. Support this important issue and let your local MPP know that you expect them to be part of the solution. Complete the form below, and the City will collect all the petitions received and submit them to the relevant MPP on your behalf. Thanks for your help in ensuring that we get a #FairDealForBrampton.


Sample letter

See a sample letter below which will be sent on your behalf to your MPP.​

Dear (MPP),

My name is (FULL NAME) and I am a resident of (ELECTORAL DISTRICT). I'm writing today to ask you to support a fair deal for auto insurance in Brampton.

Brampton residents are currently paying the highest auto insurance rates in Ontario, more than 123% higher than the provincial average. Ending the disparity in auto insurance rates, one of the key elements of cost of living, is more crucial now than ever.

I am a supporter of the Fair Deal for Brampton campaign, and ask that immediate action be taken to regulate auto insurance rates for all Ontarians, but most importantly the residents of Brampton. I am asking that the Province of Ontario:
  • Review auto insurance rates in Ontario and implement fair, consistent and measurable qualifications to determining rates,
  • Ask insurance companies to end the practice of using postal codes as a factor in determining rates, and
  • Ask that the Provincial Government act on previous promises to standardize rates across the province.

Government representatives at all levels are elected to support the priorities of their constituents. Reviewing and improving auto insurance practices is a top priority for Brampton residents, one that I hope you are willing to take a stand on and advocate for your constituents.