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We're demanding a #FairDealForBrampton healthcare. You can support this critical issue and let your local MPP  know that you expect them to be part of the solution by sending them the email below. This is what Brampton needs the Province to do to deliver on necessary healthcare services and infrastructure for our city.​​

​​​You can also download a PDF of the petition​​, get your friends and neighbours to sign it and mail it back. ​


​​Tell your MPP, you want a Fair Deal for Brampton!

Dear (MPP)

My name is (FULL NAME) and I am a resident of (ELECTORAL DISTRICT). I’m writing today to you to ask you to support a fair deal for health care for Brampton.

From overcrowding and long wait times, to hallway medicine, Brampton is chronically underfunded and Brampton City Council unanimously declared a City-wide health care emergency on January 22, 2020.

I am a supporter of the Fair Deal for Brampton campaign, and the two requests that the health care emergency asks of the Province of Ontario is to:

  1. Provide urgent frontline health care funding to Brampton Civic Hospital and Peel Memorial Centre to ensure they are operating with full staffing and resources to provide safe, quality patient care​​
  2. Ensure a fully operational Emergency Department and adequate inpatient services and additional hospital beds – to match the provincial average per capita – at the Phase II development of the Peel Memorial Centre

We also need a third health care facility in Brampton. I am encouraged by the Premier’s recent comments about the need for further health care investments in Ontario and Peel Region, but we need our local MPPs to make sure Brampton gets a fair deal.

Government representatives at all levels are elected to support the priorities of their constituents. Improving health care in our community is a top priority for residents in (ELECTORAL DISTRICT), and I hope that you will be willing to take a stand to advocate for your constituents on this important issue.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns.



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