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The City of Brampton completed the Policy Review to implement Additional Residential Unit (ARU) policies in the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to conform to Bill 108 More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019 and the​ recommendations of Housing Brampton, the City’s affordable housing strategy.


To comply with Bill 108, municipalities are required to amend their policies to permit additional residential units within a detached accessory structure.


The Policy Review implemented permissions for additional residential units within an accessory structure on the same lot as a single-detached house, semi-detached house, or townhouse. The Planning Act definition for “additional residential units (ARUs)” applies to both the accessory residential units that are contained within the principal dwelling (such as basement apartments) and the detached units, however, the City will refer to detached residential units as “Garden Suites”. “Second units” will continue to apply to accessory units that are contained within the principal dwelling, and together with a ‘Garden Suite’, will be a form of ARU.


The purpose of these policies is aimed to reduce zoning barriers to the creation of additional residential units and support the supply and range of affordable rental accommodations in the City.


Additional Residential Units (ARU), also known as additional dwelling units or accessory residential units, accessory apartment, granny flats, in-law suites, laneway suites, and/or coach houses, are self-contained residential dwelling unit, with its own cooking facility, sanitary facility and sleeping area, and that it is located either within a single detached, semi-detached or townhouse dwelling (second unit), or within an ancillary building (garden suite). This project is an early deliverable of the Housing Brampton, which aims to support the provision of age friendly and inclusive housing that is affordable and accessible to all.


General Provisions for all ARUs

Unit Type

Detached, Semi-detached or Townhouse dwelling


Not permitted in:

  • Lodging Houses/Group Homes
  • Floodplain areas


One additional parking space for lots that contain two ARUs
No parking space required when only a second unit or a garden suite is proposed

Subject to the Registration By-law


Provisions for Garden Suites

Rear or side yard only

Maximum Size
80 sq. m. for Hamlet, Estate or Agricultural zones
35 sq. m. for all other Residential zones


2.5m from the rear yard
1.8m from the side yard
3.0m from the principal dwelling


The lesser of the height of the principal dwelling or:
7.5m for Hamlet, Estate or Agricultural zones
4.5m for all other Residential zones


A 1.2m pedestrian path to the main access of the garden suite


No balconies or rooftop patios

*Based on the OPA and ZBLA adopted on August 10, 2022.

​garden suite ​EXAMPLES:

Garden Suite Example 
Garden Suite Example 
Garden Suite Example 
Garden Suite Example 
Garden Suite Examples 

What Are Garden Suites?




Frequently Asked Questions​


For additional information on the ARU Policy Review or to provide comments, please contact the project leads:

Shahinaz Eshesh, Policy Planner III
City Planning and Design

Claudia LaRota, Principal Planner/Supervisor
City Planning and Design