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 Community Workshops

Our community partners offer a variety of in-school performance or hands-on workshops to complement your lesson plan. Read all about the offered programs below.
expandShakespeare and Stage Combat
with Nicolas Van Burek

Shakespeare Workshops are a fun and interactive way for students of all ages to get to know the wonderful world  of Shakespeare’s plays through various games and activities. The workshops will provide students with lasting tools to better access his material in an informal and casual setting, making them comfortable with an often difficult part of their curriculum.

Stage Combat Workshops will introduce students to some of the concepts of fighting for the stage in a safe, interactive and highly engaging way and are taught by a certified Stage Combat teacher. Workshops may include a demonstration of various weapons used in theatrical combat.

Suitable for Grades: 8-12
Number of participants: One Class
Length of Performance/Session: 90 to 120 minutes
Fee: $200 per session + HST
expandFine Art Workshops
led by Creative Genius

Take the work out of artwork! Experience art with an artist in your classroom, complete with all the necessary art supplies! Unique visual art programs – students develop new skills through hands-on instruction. Put talent to the test with the creation of each student’s own masterpiece. Choose from paper mache sculpture, mask making, painting or mixed media. All programs make reference to the Ontario Visual Arts Curriculum. Workshops are adaptable to any study unit and all supplies are provided.

Suitable for Grades: All Grades
Number of Participants: Minimum of 25
Length of Workshop: Half and Full Day Available
Fee: $7/student for half day, $10/student for full day

expandPuppet Shows
by Arm's Length Puppets
The Spider Prince
(performed with marionette/string puppets)

Prince Harry discovers Mizard the Wizard’s greediness for the King’s Gold and is transformed into a spider. Only Princess Margaret and the children in the audience can save him! Team building, self confidence and family values are the main lessons in this story.
Suitable for Grades: K-5
Number of Participants: 50 if on floor, no limit if on stage
Length of Performance: Up to 60 minutes with a post-show Q&A
Fee: $300

Dandy Lion
(performed with marionettes/rod puppets/hand puppets)

Dandy Lion, who should be king, was born with dandelions in his mane. He refuses to be bullied by the other jungle animals because he is different, even when they laugh at him. Dandy Lion finds a way to make friends with the unruly jungle crowd. This story is about winning friends, overcoming bullies, and being self confident when you feel alone and different.

Suitable for Grades: SK-8
Number of Participants: 120 Max
Length of Performance: Up to 60 minutes with a post-show Q&A
Fee: $300

expandPuppet Crafting
by Arm's Length Puppets
A professional puppeteer conducts curriculum based hands-on puppet workshops adding a creative edge to teaching classroom curriculum. Bring out the puppeteer in your students. Students will experience the art of puppet making and storytelling. Choose from felt hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets, stick puppets or marionettes. Supplies are provided by Arm’s Length Puppets
Suitable for Grades: All Grades
Number of Participants: Up to 3 classes/70 students per workshop
Length of Workshop: 90 minutes – 150 minutes depending on difficulty level
Fee: $6 to $10 per student + a one-time material fee of $50 per workshop
expandFizzical Fizzicks
by Fizzical Fizzicks
Fizzical Fizzicks delights audiences with a truly original performance that combines traditional circus equipment (juggling, stilt-walking), popular toys (yo-yo, hula hoop, pogo stick) and some giant props (a child’s swimming pool spinning on a fingertip) to help display and explain the properties of the three types of motion: linear motion, rotation and vibration. The audience will be split into teams and take part in short challenges involving the three types of motion. All of this combined makes up the educational and hilarious show Fizzical Fizzicks!
Suitable for Grades: K-6
Number of Participants: Gymnasium Capacity
Length of Performance: 50 minutes
Fee: $650 + HST
expandSpaced Out!
by Fizzical Fizzicks
Spaced Out! is a school show that gives students a live picture of the size and scale of our solar system. Fast, funny and factual, Spaced Out! presents information about the characteristics of each planet in our solar system, the sun, the asteroid belt and a proper scale model of our solar system. It's a close look at our planet Earth compared to our neighbouring planets. Spaced Out! originally premiered at the Ontario Science Centre and has since toured to hundreds of schools. It's a show that will rock your world!
Suitable for grades: K-6
Number of Participants: Gymnasium Capacity
Length of Performance: 55 minutes
Fee: $675 + HST
expandArtivational & Creative Writing
led by Anne-Marie Woods
Finding Your Voice
This is a workshop meant for the classroom and it is a chance for students to learn about as well as create spoken word/poetry on themes coming from the curriculum or for them to explore student voice or social justice themes. At the end of the workshop, students will be asked to present the work they have written.

Suitable for Grades: 4-8, 9-12, or University Level
Number of Participants: Maximum 25
Length of Performance: 60-90 minutes
Fee: $300 + transportation

The Oral Art of Creative Writing

Storytellers were historians and advisors, they used oral communication to pass on stories, music and important information. The tradition of the storyteller is prominent in many cultures, and the importance of oration and language is a huge part of modern day society. Oral communication comes in many traditional and untraditional art forms, and Woods’ presentation will explore our use of language and the importance of words through music, storytelling, rap and various forms of performance based poetry.

Suitable for Grades: 4-8, 9-12
Number of Participants: Maximum Audience 200 Students
Length of Performance: 45 minutes
Fee: $600 + transportation or $3/student

expandShakespeare and Theatre Workshops

with Jane Spence

Introduction to Shakespeare
Fun, interactive and accessible! Explore the plot, the characters and the language through games and exercises that will have the students on their feet. Students will be given tools that will give them an edge when encountering any of Shakespeare's texts. All programs make reference to Ontario school board curriculum. Workshop can be adapted to any study unit and will be tailored to suit the level of your class. Monologue and scene study courses also available.

Number of Participants: Maximum 35
Suitable for Grades: 5-12
Length of workshop: Half Day
Fee: $250

Improvisation Workshop
Give your students a voice...let's hear their stories.  Through using improvisational games tools and techniques, we improve performance skills, explore developing characters, increase story telling abilities. Improvisation focuses on collaborative creation and acceptance and support of others ideas.  This style of theatre is very useful in exploring social and personal issues students currently face building empathy and understanding. From fun confidence building games to exploring difficult topics we will tailor the workshops to suit your class needs.

Number of Participants: Maximum 35
Suitable for Grades: 5-12
Length of workshop: Half Day
Fee: $250

The Business of Acting
For drama students seriously considering acting as a career.  We discuss creating a resume, cover letters, taxes as a self employed person, unions, getting an agent, what it pays, and how to prepare for the realities of  pursuing your dream.

Number of Participants: Maximum 60
Suitable for Grades: 11-12
Length of workshop: Half Day
Fee: $250

Theatre Audition Workshop
Prepare to book that job. Students will investigate how to prepare for an audition, choose a monologue, develop a process for working on monologues, what to expect inside the room and auditioning etiquette. Individual coaching also available.

Suitable for Grades: 11-12
Length of workshop: Half Day
Fee: $250

Need help Directing a School Show? Inquire about Rehearsal Visits led by Jane Spence tailored to suit your specific needs.

For more information or to book a classroom visit please contact the Education Desk at 905-793-4841 or