Extreme Cold Weather Safety Tips
During an extreme cold weather alert, members of the public are encouraged to take the following safety precautions:
·         Check the weather report before going outside.
·         Dress in layers, making sure your outer layer is windproof, and cover exposed skin.
·         Wear a hat, warm mittens or gloves, and warm boots.
·         Stay dry. Your risk of hypothermia is much greater if you are wet.
·         Choose wool or synthetic fabrics for your clothes instead of cotton, because cotton stops keeping you warm once it gets wet.
·         Seek shelter if you normally spend long periods outside. Depending on the wind chill, exposed skin can freeze in minutes.
·         Drink warm fluids, other than alcohol.
·         Warm up by taking regular breaks in heated buildings when enjoying winter activities outside.
·         Consider rescheduling outdoor activities, or limiting time outdoors, during colder temperatures, especially if it's windy.
·         Heat your home to at least 21°C if infants or elderly people are present.
·         Visit vulnerable loved ones, friends, neighbours to ensure they are not experiencing any difficulties related to the weather.