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The Lighthouse Program al​lows members of the community to seek refuge within the premises of participating faith-based organizations – “lighthouses” – during times of community-wide emergencies such as cold alerts and heat warnings. You can contact faith-based organizations (FBO) within this directory to understand if their facilities are temporarily being used as warming and/or cooling centres and/or if they're providing other mean​s of support.​​​


 How lighthouses stand ready to help you

Lighthouses help in two important ways – before and during an emergency.

Before: Lighthouses help educate their congregations on the essentials of emergency preparedness, including the features and advantages of the Lighthouse Program. Such education places the community in a better position to help each other during emergencies.

During: Lighthouses act as safe havens during emergencies.

Every lighthouse facility has a dedicated team of volunteers that is prepared to welcome and support you to the best of their abilities during a citywide emergency.

Every lighthouse will offer you essential relief such as refuge and drinking water during times of community-wide crisis. Certain lighthouses, depending on their abilities and resources, may also provide food and first aid.

Each participating faith-based facility has identified a special area within its complex that will serve as a community safe place during an emergency.

  Steps you can take to benefit from the Lighthouse Program

  1. Refer to the Lighthouse Directory: Please see our directory to find the lighthouse closest to you. Do check back over the coming months, since we expect more faith-based facilities in Brampton to sign up for the Lighthouse program.
  2. Visit a lighthouse beforehand: You are welcome to visit a lighthouse facility during any weekend, between 9 am to 5 pm. Ask for the lighthouse representative at that facility, and they will be happy to give you a tour and answer your questions.
  3. A few things to keep in mind: Remember that each faith-based facility is, first and foremost, a place of worship. Such facilities also have rules and regulations for visitors that are designed to preserve the sanctity of the place. While visitors seeking refuge inside a facility will never be expected to participate in religious activity, you may be expected to comply with certain basic requirements.
    • No smoking, no alcohol and no consumption of meat on premises.
    • Certain areas of the facility may be off-limits to visitors.
    • Dress modestly. Certain facilities, such as a gurdwara and a mosque, may require you to remove your footwear and keep your head covered.
    • Your hosts are doing their best to help you and your neighbours during a difficult time. Please be patient, and follow their directions for your wellbeing.​

Contact Brampton Emergency Management Office

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