​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Building Occupants Fire Emergency Plan for High Rise Residential Buildings With​ Voice Communications​

If you do not know which type of building you are in, ask your superintendent or contact our Fire prevention division for details.

The following information is provided for occupants of High-Rise, residential apartment buildings.

​This information should also be posted prominently on every floor of your building. It will be on a yellow card, 8.5 inches by 14 inches.

If this card is not readily visible in your building, please contact our Fire Prevention division, and we will ensure that corrective actions are taken.

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Building Occupants Fire Emergency Plan

O.F.C. ONT. REG. 388/97 as amended.

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​YourSafety May Depend Upon It

You are living in a building that has many fire safety features. To you, this means it is structurally fire safe and contains fire protection equipment that greatly reduces the life hazards from fire. To assist you in understanding what to do In the event of fire, and/or the sounding of the fire alarm, we recommend the following:

If you discover a fire or other life-threatening emergency:​

  • Alert any other persons in the area and leave immediately, closing any doors behind you.
  • Go to the nearest fire alarm pull station and activate it by pulling down sharply and then telephone the Emergency Number.
  • If safe to do so, wait In the area to advise the building superintendent of the problem, if not, proceed by the stairs to the lobby to advise management or the Fire Department.
  • Fight the fire only if you are confident it may be controlled with a fire extinguisher.

If the fire is in your suite:

  • Alert everyone in the suite.
  • Leave your suite, closing the door behind you.
  • Activate the fire alarm in the corridor.
  • Telephone the Emergency Number from another suite, giving the street address, floor and apartment number where the fire is located.
  • If necessary, leave your floor by the nearest exit stairway.
  • NEVER use the elevators under fire alarm conditions.

If you hear the fire alarm:

Plan 1- Evacuation

  • Telephone the Emergency Number (911), giving details - never assume this has been done.
  • Unplug or shut off any appliances that are being used for cooking or heating, that may cause a fire if left unattended.
  • Take your key.
  • Before opening the door to the hallway, check to see if the door or knob is hot.
  • If the door is cool to the touch, open it slightly and see if the hallway is free of smoke. If it is clear, leave closing the door behind you and proceed to the closest exit stairway. Should you find one stairway contains any smoke, leave and try the other one. DO NOT try to exit to the roof. If the stairways are impassable, return to your suite or to someone else's.
  • Do not use the elevator

Plan 2- Remaining In Your Suite​

If smoke conditions prohibit you from exiting, you should be prepared to do the following:

  1. Keep the hall door closed and unlocked.
  2. Telephone the Emergency Number (911) giving details of you exact location.
  3. If your building has a voice communications system, be prepared to evacuate it directed to do so by an Officer from the Fire and Emergency Services.
  4. Follow the instructions regarding hearing the fire alarm
  5. If smoke enters your suite, do not panic, help is on the way.
  6. Utilize your emergency kit for high-rise tenants. This will give you additional moments before the rescue arrives.
  7. If smoke becomes a problem and you have a balcony, stay low and go outside closing the balcony door behind you. You can remain on your balcony only if there is no fire below you.
  8. If you do not have a balcony, go to a window, open it fully and hang a towel or sheet outside to signal the Fire Department of your location.
  9. Stay low and wait for rescue.

Emergency Kits​

The Brampton Fire and Emergency Services recommends an emergency kit for tenants in high-rise buildings to have on hand and use if they become trapped in their suite during a fire.

The following items can be purchased for less than $50 and may prove beneficial during a fire emergency:

  1. Towel: Wet and place at base of door.
  2. Duct Tape: Tape over door and vent openings.
  3. Foil Wrap: Use to cover vent openings.
  4. Whistle: Use to signal for help.
  5. Flashlight: Used in case of power failure or to signal for help.
  6. Bright-coloured Cloth: Hang up in a widow or balcony to identify your location.
  7. Ink Marker: Use for messages on cloth, doors or windows.
  8. Cotton Bedsheet: If smoke is heavy in the room, soak the bed sheet with water and make a tent near an open window.
  9. Washcloth: Place the wet cloth over your nose and mouth to aid breathing in smoke filled areas.
  10. Fire Safety Plan: Have a copy of your buildings emergency procedures on hand.
  11. Plastic Pail with Lid​: Use for storing emergency equipment, fill with water during a fire.​

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