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Yard maintenance, street parking and noise: City reminds residents to keep Brampton green, healthy and safe this spring

​BRAMPTON, ON (May 4, 2021) – The City of Brampton reminds residents of the importance of following by-laws year-round to help maintain a clean and safe city. Every resident has a role to play upholding these standards.

This spring, do your part and be a courteous neighbour. Residents are asked to keep the following by-laws in mind:

  • Maintain your yard. If your grass is taller than a soccer ball, it’s time to cut it. Grass and weeds should be cut regularly, with clippings removed, to ensure that they do not exceed a maximum of 20 centimetres in height.
  • Keep sidewalks clear. When vehicles overhang the sidewalk, they can be an obstacle for others and make sidewalks unsafe.
  • Under the City’s Traffic and Parking By-law, vehicles may not be parked on the street between the hours of 2 and 6 am or for more than three hours at a time. The City accepts requests for parking considerations to park on streets for as long as 14 days each calendar year, per vehicle licence plate. The parking consideration allows vehicles to park in excess of three hours and/or between 2 and 6 am. It also allows large vehicles designed for recreational use to park on the street. Parking considerations can be requested here.
  • As residents safely spend more time outside, they are asked to keep excessive noise down. Under the City’s Noise By-law, no one is permitted to make, create, cause, or cause or permit to be made noises that are likely to disturb other Brampton residents.

For more information on the City’s by-laws, visit



Megan Ball
Senior Advisor, Media Relations,
City of Brampton
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