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City begins strategy to bring the world to Brampton

BRAMPTON, ON (May 29, 2019) – Today the City of Brampton’s Economic Development and Culture office unveiled a step-by-step plan to increase jobs and growth in Brampton by building stronger economic linkages around the globe. The goal is to demonstrate to the world that Brampton is a city of opportunities.

Brampton’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) strategy focuses on building the types of assets that attract investment and capitalizing on the City’s existing strengths in several key economic sectors – Advanced Manufacturing, Health and Life Sciences, and Innovation and Technology.

The City’s FDI plan is diversified across a number of geographic areas, from more economically similar markets like the US and Western Europe, to longer term prospects in China.

Brampton has a compelling story to share with the world. In addition to its prime location near major transportation networks, the City is developing assets to attract new business. There is a new coworking space, the Cybersecure Catalyst and new post-secondary opportunities with Ryerson University, Algoma University and Sheridan College.

On May 28, the Economic Development and Culture Office hosted a business breakfast with the Brampton Board of Trade to discuss the FDI approach and a new Ambassador Program. A number of local business people are participating in this program that aligns with the City’s FDI strategy and empowers local businesses to bring Brampton’s value proposition to their global partners.

Earlier this year, Brampton City Council approved an Operating Capital Budget of $1.875 million to be used to implement the FDI strategy and work plan. As next steps, the Economic Development and Culture Office will develop a marketing campaign and source expert help to define the City’s value to investors in today’s FDI environment and develop an implementation plan for the strategy.


“I’m very excited to be launching this strategy in Brampton. It’s an investment in the city’s future. We want the top industries to know that when they choose Brampton to develop, expand and invest that they will be met with highly skilled talent, competitive advantages and access to the global market place.”
- Mayor Patrick Brown

“Brampton will be positioning itself to strengthen its profile within the global marketplace with a robust and innovative brand strategy that will attract business, foreign investment and jobs. We are excited to be making our mark in key industries on a competitive international level.”
- Regional Councillor Gurpreet S. Dhillon, Chair of Economic Development
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Natalie Stogdill
Senior Advisor, Public Relations, City of Brampton
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