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Emergency Preparedness Week kicks off Saturday

Lighthouse Program Launches, Gurdwara Hosts Open House

BRAMPTON, ON (May 3, 2019) – At this year’s Emergency Preparedness Week, the City is launching its Lighthouse Program, a new initiative where partnering faith-based organizations will offer their facilities as places of refuge during times of citywide emergency.

The City aims to create a network of “lighthouses” – which will be accessible by all members of the community, regardless of their belief system – to increase the number of safe places that residents can turn to in times of wide-scale emergency.

An open door event will be held at a lighthouse during Emergency Preparedness Week, giving Bramptonians an opportunity to visit the facility and learn more about the program and its benefits. Anyone is welcome to visit the Gurdwara Baba Nanak at 79 Bramsteele Road May 6 to11, between noon and 5 pm.

The Lighthouse Program will boost Brampton’s emergency preparedness and response mechanism, especially at a time when natural disasters such as floods and storms are on the rise.

Currently, three faith-based facilities are finalizing their participation the Lighthouse Program. The city has about 90 faith-based facilities, and all are welcome to participate in the Lighthouse Program by contacting the Lighthouse Program team at the City of Brampton.

For Emergency Preparedness Week, the Brampton Emergency Management Office is hosting a kick-off event at the Bramalea City Centre on Saturday, May 4, and is following that up with public information booths throughout the week at locations across Brampton.

To learn more about community activities during Emergency Preparedness Week, please visit this link.  For more information about the Lighthouse Program, please visit

“The Lighthouse Program is an inspiring example that shows how faith-based organizations in Brampton are coming together to help all members of the community during times of emergency. Brampton is a mosaic of beliefs and cultures, and all have a part to play in the safety and wellbeing of the city. I encourage more faith-based organizations to join this crucial community initiative, and urge residents to learn more about the program.”
Mayor Patrick Brown

“The launch of the Lighthouse Program during Emergency Preparedness Week has special significance. Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. Emergency preparedness is, above all, our personal responsibility. Be aware, be prepared, and make it your priority to collect articles for an emergency preparedness kit, if you haven’t done so already.”
Councillor Rowena Santos, Chair, Community Services Section
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