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City of Brampton launches coyote online interactive map

​BRAMPTON, ON (November 21, 2022) – The City of Brampton has launched a new and innovative coyote sighting tool online.

The online tool will allow Brampton residents to report coyote sightings with an interactive map which includes: sightings of coyotes, food sources identified in the public, mangy/sick or injured coyotes, and coyote den sightings. In addition, the interactive map will allow residents to view pet conflicts identified and City erected coyote educational signs.

The online tool is to report sightings only. If you require assistance with a sick/injured animal or an animal that is posing a risk to the public, call 311 and remember the following tips:

- STOP. Pick up children and small pets if necessary
- STAND STILL. Never run from a coyote.
- MAKE YOURSELF BIGGER. Appear aggressive, stand tall, wave your arms high in the air.
- BE LOUD AND ASSERTIVE. Shout, stomp your feet or clap your hands. Carry a noise maker i.e. whistle, plastic bag or umbrella to make a popping sound.
- FIGHT BACK. Throw some sticks or rocks in the general direction of the coyote to scare and deter. Do not throw it directly at the coyote.
- SLOWLY BACK AWAY. Maintain eye contact and remember, never run.
- Call 911 if there is an immediate threat to public safety.

To view the interactive map and for more information on coyotes in Brampton, please visit the website.


“Coyote sightings and encounters are occurring more and more across our city and surrounding areas. This new tool will allow residents to report sightings and keep informed on coyote activity in their area and throughout the city. We appreciate the work of Animal Services for this important resource, and helping keep Bramptonians and their pets safe.” 
- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“We encourage all Bramptonians to visit the new coyote online interactive map and report any coyote activity in your area. Residents are reminded that if you spot an injured or sick animal to please call 311 and connect with Animal Services. Using the new interactive map and contacting 311 regarding coyote activity will help to keep residents informed and safe.
- Mike Mulick, Manager, Brampton Animal Services


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