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Help control the Spongy Moth population in Brampton

BRAMPTON, ON (May 10, 2022) – The Spongy Moth is a defoliating insect that is considered a major pest in North America. Spongy Moths have been present in Brampton for more than 10 years, and in the last three years, their numbers have reached higher than normal levels. The City is committed to controlling the Spongy Moth population in Brampton, and encourages residents to do their part.

These insects hatch from late April to mid-May, and are typically seen in mid-summer.

What is the City doing to manage the Spongy Moth population?

The City has implemented an Integrated Pest Management program, which includes controlling the Spongy Moth population and thus protecting vulnerable trees from defoliation in our community.

During the winter, the City conducted egg mass scraping across Brampton. Removing egg masses helps to decrease the number of larva hatched in the coming season and reduces damage to the trees.

In May, staff installed bands on select trees. These bands have a non-toxic glue on the inside edge that will trap the caterpillars and stop them from feeding on the leaves of the tree.

In June, the City will be conducting ground base spraying of trees along specific streets and in parks using Btk, a naturally occurring bacteria found in soil, which is harmful only to the susceptible insect once ingested. All trees are inspected by a specialist who determines if spraying is required.

In July, the City will install 200 pheromone traps in woodlots in Brampton. These green cardboard traps are shaped like small milk cartons and contain a small paper strip coated with the Spongy Moth pheromone. Pheromone traps will be collected in August. The pheromone is not toxic to humans, other mammals, birds, fish or insects.

What can residents do?

Residents can help control the Spongy Moth population in Brampton, too. Free burlap Spongy Moth kits are available at Parks Cleanup Days in May, for registered participants. To register and help keep our city clean and green, visit

Stay informed – click here to learn more about controlling the Spongy Moth population in Brampton.


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