Managing Gypsy Moths

The European Gypsy Moth is a defoliating (feeding on leaves) insect that is considered a major pest in North America. The caterpillar, or larva stage of the insect, eats the leaves of trees making them more susceptible to disease and damage from other insects.​

Gypsy Moths have been present in Brampton for more than 10 years. This year, in Brampton and neighbouring municipalities, populations of Gypsy Moth have reached higher than normal levels. 

To control the population growth and protect vulnerable trees from defoliation, the City of Brampton is taking on additional measures as part of an Integrated Pest Management program. 

Ground spraying of Btk was scheduled to take place the second week of June 2020, but weather conditions have caused staff to postpone the spray until next season.

Beginning July 2020, the City will be placing Gypsy Moth pheromone traps in select parks and woodlots to detect new population growth and track the spread of infestations. Pheromone traps are an important tool in Gypsy Moth management. 


Frequently Asked Questions

​​If you have any further questions regarding Gypsy Moths, please contact Brampton Urban Forestry at 905.874.2907 or email us at