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Be a good neighbour, Brampton!

​BRAMPTON, ON (April 21, 2022) – Brampton is a beautiful city with vibrant outdoor spaces for all to enjoy. Everyone plays a role in helping keep our city clean, green and safe this spring, and year-round!

Check out our guide on how to be a good neighbour this spring with these tips to ensure your property and our shared community spaces remain clean and green!

Maintain your property

Spring cleaning starts at home. Be sure to maintain your lawn with regular mowing and weed control.

• Not sure when it’s time to cut your grass? If it’s taller than a soccer ball, it’s time to cut it! Grass and weeds should be cut regularly, with clippings removed.
• Mowing your lawn at a three-inch height promotes stronger grass roots. Ensure grass and weeds do not exceed a maximum of eight inches in height.
• Mulch your trees and shrubs.
• Wear proper work gloves and pull out weeds by hand to get them from the root.
• Avoid using pesticides, herbicides and phosphorus fertilizers. Try sustainable options like horticultural oil, neem oil or vinegar spray.
• Do not park on landscaped portions of your property.
• Maintain trees and hedges to avoid overgrowth. Remove dead, decayed or damaged trees.
• Need assistance with an unhealthy City-owned tree? Contact Service Brampton! Our team can be reached through smartphone, online, or by calling 311. Download the 311 Brampton app at the App Store or through Google Play.

The City maintains grass and weeds in public spaces regularly. Click here to learn more about yard maintenance.

Don’t litter, and be aware of illegal dumping

Help keep our community clean and green – refrain from littering, and remember, dumping is illegal.

• Put litter where it belongs – in the trash.
• Sort your waste. Use the garbage, recycling and organics bins.
• Be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your dog.
• Do not dump household garbage, construction materials, appliances, furniture, or other waste items on someone else’s property, along the roadside, or at another undesignated area.
• Participate in the City’s Parks Cleanup program to help keep our parks clean and green.

If you see a garbage bin overflowing, debris, or illegal dumping, note the details and contact 311 to report it. Click here to learn more about illegal dumping.

Watch your noise

As the weather warms and we all spend more time outside, it’s important to keep our neighbours in mind. Please keep excessive noise down.

Under the City’s Noise By-law, no one is permitted to make noises that are likely to disturb other Brampton residents. This could include a dog barking daily and excessively, someone playing a loud stereo or musical equipment regularly, or someone operating construction equipment daily, as examples.

If you have a concern about excessive or nuisance noise contact 311 for a response by our By-law Enforcement team.

Together, we can keep Brampton clean, green and safe and have a great spring season!

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