Rod Power

City Councillor
Wards 7 and 8


Rod Power is a proud Bramptonian, who has called Brampton home for more than 35 years. Like for so many of you, Brampton holds a special place in his heart – not only for our proud past, but for the bright future that lies ahead. Rod met his supportive wife of 21 years and raised three children in this city. He grew up an active member of the community – from his time with the Chinguacousy Soccer Club and the Bramalea Boxing Club, to his activity with CAS, Heart and Stroke, and working with a palliative care charity.

As a proud member of our community, Rod will apply his knowledge, experience, and passion towards solving problems and safeguarding our city, expanding access to community services and growing Brampton to all it can be to put the priorities of our hardworking families and job-creating businesses first.

Rod’s background is in Workforce Development and Planning, working primarily in the learning and development space. He is an award-winning leader with extensive experience in operations management, mentoring, coaching, sales, and leadership. Rod is all about building teams, solving challenges, and training leaders to become better leaders. Encouraging open communication, building consensus, and providing the mentorship and development to foster growth. Over the last four years, Rod also sat on the Committee of Adjustment for the City of Brampton.​