Regional Councillor
Wards 9 and 10


Gurpartap Singh Toor's election in October 2022 as the Regional Councillor for Wards 9 and 10 at both the City of Brampton and the Region of Peel marked a historic moment. He became the youngest Councillor ever elected in Brampton's history, symbolizing a new era in the city's political landscape. Councillor Toor currently chairs the Economic Development in Brampton, demonstrating a strong commitment to nurturing a thriving economic environment. His focus areas include job creation, attracting investments, and retaining businesses, with a special emphasis on fostering a culture of innovation. His significant contributions have led to the rapid construction of new industrial areas in his wards, attracting major global companies like Magna, Lululemon, Pet Value, and others.

Councillor Toor's tenure has witnessed significant developments in Brampton, particularly in its logistic and educational sectors. He played a crucial role in the inception of the Logistics Innovation Zone, leveraging Brampton's status as Canada's largest logistics hub to drive transformative growth. He was instrumental in establishing the new Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Medicine in Brampton, enhancing both healthcare delivery and educational standards. Additionally, Councillor Toor has focused on improving local amenities, including expanding Gore Meadows Community Centre and creating new Activity Hubs. He introduced e-scooters in Brampton, a pioneering move in sustainable transportation within the Greater Toronto Area.

Apart from his professional achievements, Councillor Toor is an ardent supporter of arts and sports. As a Board Member of the Brampton Arts Organization and the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives, he actively promotes the city's cultural scene. His love for sports is evident in his support for Real Madrid C.F. and the Toronto Raptors, and he personally enjoys soccer, water sports, and horseback riding. Known for his approachability, Councillor Toor prioritizes listening to and learning from his constituents, aiming to effectively represent their aspirations and concerns. His leadership is geared towards steering Brampton towards a brighter and more innovative future.​