Dennis Keenan

Regional Councillor
Wards 3 and 4


At the age of 6, Dennis Keenan and his family immigrated to Brampton from Scotland. Dennis is a proud 32-year Brampton resident, who alongside his wife is raising their family of four children here. He is an active volunteer member within our community, and as an entrepreneur, has spent the last 15 years growing his companies, which include two food and beverage establishments (one of which is in Brampton), and a commercial and residential electrical company. He is also the Director of Business Development for Newsol Technologies Inc.

Dennis loves building and growing his small businesses, but thrives best at helping other people, through his business expertise. He is an advocate for giving back to the city of Brampton and wants to help ensure that our community is safe, builds the appropriate business relationships, provides multiple educational outlets, has ample transit services, supports our seniors and looks to grow not only for today, but for our future generations.

He is here to listen to you - the residents - and be your advocate within Council Chambers. Together, let’s help move Brampton in the direction it needs to go – so that our friends and families can stay here, feel safe in, learn and thrive from our beautiful city.​​