Heritage Heights


Help Create the Plan for Heritage Heights!


Heritage Heights, Brampton’s last undeveloped area, is located in northwest Brampton, stretching from Mayfield Road to the Credit River valley, and from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Mississauga Road. It makes up 1/16 of Brampton’s total area and was highlighted in the Brampton 2040 Vision as the proposed location for a new town centre – a complete, full-service, mixed-use place with work and housing options. It is also proposed as a location for a third healthcare facility in Brampton. The City has re-engaged the Secondary Plan process for Heritage Heights Community (Areas 52 & 53). The objective is to effectively and thoughtfully involve all landowners within the Secondary Plan Area, and the city at large, in shaping the future of Heritage Heights.

To help develop the future of Heritage Heights, the City sought valuable input from the people of Brampton across four days in November. Residents were encouraged to attend the visioning session at Cassie Campbell Community Centre from November 26 to 29, 2019, to view displays, learn about the planning process, ask questions of City staff, and share their ideas for Heritage Heights. The information collected from this engagement will be used to inform a Secondary Plan for the area.

Consultants are currently consolidating the information gathered from the visioning session and are developing a draft concept plan. A staff report is estimated to go to Council in 2020 to articulate next steps. This concept plan will still need to be technically evaluated through a number of studies and further public engagement.

Technical studies for the area have recommenced to evaluate factors such as environmental features, cultural heritage, transportation and servicing.

A variety of other factors have contributed to the timeline of the project, including:

  • A moratorium by the Province was in place on development in northwest Brampton between 2006 and 2016 in order to protect shale resources. The Region of Peel has proposed a Regional Official Plan Amendment to formally delete shale protection policies and permit urban uses that has been appealed to the Land Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) by the Province.

  • The Province wanted to protect lands in this area to facilitate the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) West Corridor. The Province has recently released its technically preferred alignment for the GTA West Corridor with a preferred alignment anticipated in the spring of 2020.

  • Interim Control By-Law (ICBL) 306-2003 has been in place since 2003 to protect transportation corridor planning. The Province’s Environmental Assessment for the GTA West Corridor has been resumed and is in the consultation phase. Following confirmation of a preferred alignment for the GTA West corridor, staff intends to report back regarding the potential to reduce the area captured by the ICBL.

For more information on the City's planning program for the Heritage Heights Community (Areas 52 & 53) and to provide comments via email, please contact:

Anand Balram, Senior Policy Planner,
Planning and Development Services

Andrew McNeill, Strategic Leader,
Planning and Development Services