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Brampton Food Guide - Thank You!


Thank you to the hundreds of Bramptonians who submitted a restaurant recommendation for the second edition of the Brampton Food Guide! The new guide will be released in February 2023 and will feature an additional 10 restaurants as chosen by you - Brampton residents. We can't wait to discover what these new entries have to offer.

Congratulations to our contest winner, Shane, who will receive a $250 gift certificate to a restaurant of his choice from the Brampton Food Guide. Bon appetit!

As one of Canada’s most diverse cities, Brampton offers a unique culinary experience rich in authentic tastes with flavours from around the globe. The Brampton Food Guide features 54 restaurants and markets and highlights the City’s Best Bites, Local Chef Favourites, Brampton’s Burger Tour and recommendations from local food influencers.