Staycation Itinerary: Culinary

Plate of food


Exploring the flavours of the world on Kennedy Road with Suresh Doss

It is widely recognized that Brampton is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada. Take a drive down Kennedy Road and you'll see this firsthand, as strip malls host thriving independent businesses run by immigrant communities. If there is one road you need to eat through to get a real taste of Brampton's bustling food scene, this is it.

Brampton is home to a sizable Sri Lankan community, so you'll see a few Tamil restaurants on Kennedy Road. Vinayagar Vilas is where locals go for a taste of vegetarian and vegan cooking. There's no shortage of things to try from short eats (stuffed fritters), vegetarian curries and even home-style string hoppers. Address: 85 Kennedy Rd. S. Unit 31

In this small family-run plaza spot, you'll find some of the best Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches outside of South East Asia at Che Thuy Nga. French style baguettes are used, with all the stuffings made in house, from the cured meats to the pickled vegetables. The husband-and-wife team also make an assortment of Vietnamese rice-based desserts. Address: 143 Clarence St. Unit 7

One of Brampton's long standing Indian cooking restaurants, Yarl Dosa Corner is a staple amongst locals seeking South Indian cooking. This vegetarian place specializes in dosas, rice crepes crisped on a large griddle and served with an assortment of veggie dips and chutneys. Address: 83 Kennedy Road South, Unit 10

Pepper Shack is a must stop for a taste of home-style Caribbean cooking, from jerk chicken to pepper shrimp. Run by a husband and wife team, look for daily specials like craw-fish cooked in spices, or jerked fish. The sides are not to be missed. Limited seating so it's best for takeout. Address: 143 Clarence St. Unit 14

You can't crawl through Brampton without visiting a Desi sweet shop. Village of India Sweets is one is my favourite, a crowd pleaser known for an assortment of milk and sugar based treats. The selection can be overwhelming but you'll find the staff very helpful. Order an assorted box and enjoy it with some hot chai. Address: 114 Kennedy Rd. S.

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