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Tourism Strategy Updates


Resident Engagement Update

September 14,  2020
A big thank you to all the Brampton residents who attended the Brampton Tourism Strategy Public Consultation Sessions! Everyone who came out provided essential input into key areas of focus when developing Brampton as a tourism destination. To show our appreciation to Brampton's residents for their contribution toward this important project, the consulting firm leading the strategy development, Bannikin Travel & Tourism, will be donating $380 to the Knight’s Table as part of the #BramptonStrong Challenge.
Among the topics discussed were:
  • What makes Brampton a great place to live is what makes it a great place to visit. The network of trails and parks, plethora of sports facilities, the cultural diversity, culinary offerings and arts and culture offerings should be focused on when developing Brampton as a tourism destination.
  • The need for more resident involvement and engagement with communities from different socio-economic backgrounds into the tourism strategy development process.
  • The opportunity to build resident pride through tourism
  • Seizing on the opportunity that visiting friends and relatives bring to Brampton by expanding visitor knowledge of the things to go out and see and do when their guests come to visit
  • Building out an ambassador base through the community as a whole as well as notable athletes, artists and celebrities who hail from Brampton
  • Suggestion to look into the opportunity for an attractions pass
  • A noted obstacle for developing Brampton as a tourism destination was the lack of awareness of what Brampton has to offer

As a growing, multicultural city, it’s so important that residents have an opportunity to share their perspectives and insights as to how tourism in Brampton might evolve and grow in the years ahead.