Public Art Profile

Artist: Mary Ellen Farrow
Category: Public Artworks
Address: 2 Wellington Street West, Brampton
image of Reflections, 1998

​Unveiled in 1999, Reflections is a sculpture that was created to compliment the history of the City of Brampton. The sculpture was made possible in part by the donation of the locally quarried stone by DelMedico family. 

As the name indicates the sculpture is a reflection as in a pool or in the recesses of one’s memory - not a perfect outline of the form therefore it is indistinct - not entirely visible but not forgotten either - this haziness brings a blurring of features - there is just enough reality to provoke a thought or an abstract idea.  You see the figure more as you would a silhouette or shadow rather in a clear photograph. The only clear image is that of the bronze rose in relief.

The figure is posed In a relaxed, patient manner looking up into City Hall holding a bronze rose with, an antique patina, behind its back - this signifies that the past is always there waiting for the future to catch up to it and cannot be ignored.  Brampton has a rich and interesting history as the ‘Flower town’ of Canada and although it is awe inspiring to have seen the cities growth in the last twenty years its’ roots as an agricultural community should not be forgotten.

“My goal as an artist is to produce work in broad rounded lines that conform to the natural character of the stone.  The work should be tactile, show movement and emotion, but demand reaction.” – Mary Ellen Farrow