Public Art Profile

Artist: Jim Menken
Category: Public Monuments & Memorials
Address: 45 Main Street South, Brampton
image of The Veteran

​The Veteran was carved in 2005 in honour of the National Year of the Veteran, from the trunk of a dying red oak that had stood for over a century. The statue is modelled on Bill Bettridge, a decorated Veteran of World War II and survivor of Operation Overlord, the D-Day landing in Normandy, France that ultimately led to the end of the war. It stands in silent tribute to the many men and women of Brampton who served and continue to serve our nation in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping missions around the world so that we may live in freedom and in peace.

The Veteran is looking toward the Brampton Cenotaph, reminding all of Brampton's citizens that we have a duty to honour the service, sacrifice, and the memory of all Veterans.

Carved by Jim Menken, this statue was commissioned by the City of Brampton a the request of Mayor Susan Fennell, in association with Branche 15 and 609 of the Royal Canadian Legion, and with the community support of Eclypse Youth Drop-in Centre a program of Rapport Youth & Family Services.

Due to its organic medium the original wood Veteran statue was replaced in 2016 with an exact replica. In 2022 the Veteran will be replaced with another more durable replica.