Film and Music Video Director and Producer

Julien Christian Lutz (Director X) profile picture

​Director X spent 16 years growing up in Brampton, attending both Mayfield and North Park Secondary Schools, before moving to New York City as a teenager to pursue a career as a filmmaker. There he quickly became the protégé of pioneering hip hop music video director Hype Williams, and started his career under the moniker, “Little X”.

The City of Brampton celebrated the induction of Director X into the Arts Walk of Fame in September of 2018. The internationally renowned music video director was honoured with an evening of celebration at The Rose theatre, where he thanked The City of Brampton for the award.

"Growing up in Brampton definitely helped inspire my career and it feels great to receive this award." – ​Director X

Julien Christian Lutz pka Director X​ was born on October 31,1975 in Toronto, raised in Brampton (16 years) to Swiss and Trinidadian parents.  He attended North Park and Mayfield Secondary Schools. 


After nearly 20 years directing music videos and commercials, Director X made his feature film directorial debut in 2015 with an edgy drama titled “Across The Line,” winning the 2015 Best Feature Film at Atlantic Film Festival, Across the Line has shed light on the racial existence in Canada through the hidden imagery of Director X.  Just recently, X went on to helm the spot of directing Sony Pictures 70's cult classic remake of "SuperFly" (working alongside veteran executive-producer, Joel Silver (The Matrix Trilogy, Die Hard, Predator).

Hurling into the realm of television Director X has showcased his skills in a variety of genres. His first episodic was for “Lost Girl” on the Syfy network and was a reoccurring director on the second season of the show “Backstage” for the Family and Disney channel. Director X is a creative talent, who is able to traverse several mediums including his recent foray into the art world as the principle artist at The Toronto 2016 Nuit Blanch; with his city stopping installation, “Death Of The Sun” which became a massive hit on Drake’s 2017 European tour. As Director X continues to push the boundaries of his own artistic visions we are here to witness the masterpieces.