Special Effects Prosthetics and Makeup Artist

Gordon Smith profile picture

Gordon Smith attended Brampton Centennial Secondary School and went on to study Theatre at the University of Windsor. Primarily self-taught, Smith and his Canadian crew spearheaded the development of silicone gel prosthetic technology, now the industry standard around the world. Smith has received the Order of Canada for his achievements in film and tv prosthetics, and Brampton is proud to host his star on the Arts Walk of Fame. 

Special Effects maestro Gord Smith, who attended Brampton Centennial Secondary School, worked on films like “Platoon”, “Natural Born Killers” and the first two films in the “X-Men” series and his homegrown company, FXSmith, is renowned for its work in the field. In his early years as a Toronto actor and director, he supplemented his income as a props master. His reputation for props was building until in 1981, he was asked to create decomposing bodies for the film “Threshold” starring Donald Sutherland. The effects were so praised for their realism that it prompted him to go into the business of special effects makeup. It took some time and a few B-grade horror films before an invitation from Oliver Stone solidified his career. The collaboration with Stone continued through “Slavador”, “Platoon”, “Natural Born Killers”, “Born on the Fourth of July”, “JFK” and “Nixon”. His work with translucent silicone gel appliances is hailed as a major breakthrough in makeup technology and it was first used on Brad Pitt and Tootoosis in “Legends of the Fall”. Further credits include “Near Dark”, “Graveyard Shift”, “Jacob’s Ladder”, “Bethune”, “Alive”, “Body Parts”, “Robo Cop (the series)” and “Truman”.