​Have Your Poem Displayed on Large Mobile Signs Across Brampton

Exhibition Title: Brampton Poetry Project
Payment to Selected Artists: $350 CAD

April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate the Brampton Arts Organization is selecting 10 poems by local Brampton based poets and writers to showcase on large mobile signs across the city.

We believe in the transformative power of words to inspire and enrich the daily experiences of Brampton residents through a selection of unique and poignant poems displayed on large mobile signs across the city. Together, we hope to bring moments of literary beauty and contemplation into everyday life while spotlighting local talent.

Get your poem featured on a large mobile sign in Brampton and on the 24' LED screen in Garden Square! The Brampton Arts Organization (BAO) is thrilled to offer this unique opportunity for up to 10 local poets and writers at any level of experience to have their work showcased for select weeks this summer and fall.

For over a month, a select group of poems will be printed and installed on a mobile sign with additional features across the Garden Square screen, BAO and City social media channels and, potentially, recreation screens across the city.

We are seeking to showcase a collection of short poems across various writing styles and themes. As Brampton turns 50, we invite you to reflect on the city you call home and how a poem could brighten someone's day.

Poets and writers interested in submitting can submit poems that are a maximum of 6 lines in length each. Up to 3 poems can be submitted but a maximum of one poem will be selected per writer.

Selected poems will be displayed in a public space and as such will be seen by families and small children. We hope to showcase positive, optimistic work. The selection panel will, at its discretion, determine if artworks are suitable for these audiences.

Submission Parameters

  • The poem can be new or recent original work
  • You may submit up to 3 poems for consideration but we will not select more than one per writer
  • Poems must be short- a maximum of six lines long.
  • File specifications: Please upload one single file containing your poem/s.
  • PSAs or advertising materials will not be considered.

Example of How Poems will be Displayed

Brampton Poetry Project Signage  

Sign Dimensions: 9.6 feet wide x 5.8 feet tall

Work will be designed and scaled to fit by the Brampton Arts Organization team and signage company.

Content Requirements

Content should be geared to presentation within highly visible public spaces that are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. Content about the explicit use of alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, horror, offensive language, nudity, explicit sexual activity and/or violence will not be considered.

Payment to the Writer

Artists selected for this opportunity will be paid a one-time fee of $350.00 Canadian Dollars (+HST if applicable) to:

  • Have your work presented on a large mobile sign in Brampton and on the Garden Square LED screen and featured across the social media and websites of Garden Square Brampton, BAO, and the City,
  • Promote your participation in the exhibition online and on social media by tagging @baobrampton and #BramptonPoetryProject on each post related to the project.

This Artist Fee includes any necessary costs or materials, and no further compensation will be made to the artist for costs associated with participating in the project.

Selection Process and Criteria

This Call for Submissions welcomes applications on an ongoing basis until May 19, 2024 at 11:59 PM. Submissions will be evaluated by BAO staff and local writers (the "Selection Panel") according to the following criteria:

  • The poem's suitability to the goals of the project.
  • Poem must not have been previously presented by the Brampton Arts Organization.
  • Priority is given to artists residing in Brampton; however, consideration will also be given to artists outside of Brampton whose work has been influenced by Brampton and a strong connection to the city.
  • The Selection Panel will prioritize applicants who, self-identify as belonging to one (or more) of the following groups or intersecting marginalized identities: Indigenous, Persons of Colour, Deaf Persons, Persons with Disabilities, Newcomers and Persons Living with Mental Illness, and 2SLGBTQIAP. We strongly encourage applications from these communities and will endeavour to accommodate applicants with a disability during our process per the Ontario Human Rights Code guidelines and other applicable legislation. If you wish to self-identify, please do so via your submission email.

The Brampton Arts Organization and the Corporation of the City of Brampton (the "City") reserve the right to select and retain the artist(s) whose works are deemed most appropriate for the project at our sole discretion. We, at our sole discretion, may request clarification or additional information, as deemed necessary to evaluate the submissions. Applicants are expected to reply to staff communication within three business days. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to determine the number of selected artworks and the right to not proceed with awarding an honorarium if the applicant substantially departs from the terms outlined in this call. Additionally, substantial departure includes, but is not limited to lewd, inciting violence with respect to others or against the BAO or the City or City property, making derogatory remarks about the City or its citizens.

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Reserved Rights of the Brampton Arts Organization​

The Artist will retain all right, title, and interest, including moral rights, to the submitted work. The Artist will provide to the Brampton Arts Organization a broad irrevocable, paid-up, royalty-free, and otherwise cost-free license to use, publish, reproduce, adapt, exhibit, copy, and create derivative works for the submitted works, including the right to modify the size of the work submitted with respect to this opportunity.

The Artist understands that BAO will keep any documents of any type, including images, submitted by the Artist in accordance with its record-keeping obligations as required by applicable statutes, regulations, and by-laws. The Artist represents and warrants that the Artist is the exclusive owner of the rights conveyed to BAO and that the Artist has full power and authority to license the submitted work.

The Artist warrants and represents that the submitted work is original to the Artist and does not violate any intellectual property rights of any other person or entity contrary to the Copyright Act or otherwise provided at law.

Application Accessibility Support

Applicants who require additional resources, assistance or time to apply are welcome to request as such. Please request this assistance at least one week in advance of the submission deadline. To do so, or for additional information, please contact Katy@bramptonartsorg.ca.