Many of our online forms and services require CAPTCHA, which is the practice of asking a user to enter a word displayed in a picture before allowing them to submit an online form (particularly if submitting the form results in an action such as an email).

Trouble Reading the Text?

If you have difficulty reading the text displayed in a CAPTCHA picture, just submit the form without entering anything into the CAPTCHA text box (or take your best guess) and you will be presented with a new picture. You shouldn't lose any information you've already entered.

Why Do We Require It?

Some computer programs crawl the web trying to exploit websites that allow the posting of content by generating posts containing obscene material or advertisements. By displaying the required word as an image, we make it much harder for computer programs to generate spam in our computer systems because they have difficulty reading the word.

Unfortunately CAPTCHA is a necessary evil in the computing environment we live in. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you agree that having to type an extra word is preferable to having our offices and computer systems deal with excessive levels of spam.

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