Public Meetings and Notices

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Public Meeting Notices

Public Notice10/16/2020

​Notice of Intention to Amend Business Licensing By-law 332-2013
to amend the definition of “Lodging House” in Schedule 17

Public Notice10/1/2020

 By-law 179-2020 – Bram East Parking Provisions – Ward 8

Public Notice9/30/2020

 Zoning By-law 181-2020 – Nyx Capital Corp. – 12 Henderson Avenue – Ward 3 – File C01W05.044

Public Notice9/30/2020

​Zoning By-law 180-2020 Glen Schnarr & Associates Inc. – Kaneff Properties Ltd. – Ward 6 – File C05W03.008

Public Notice9/30/2020

OP2006-188 and Zoning By-law 163-2020 – Malwa Management and Construction Ltd. – Gagnon Walker Domes Ltd. – 10394 Hurontario Street – Ward 2 - File C01W12.014

Public Notice9/30/2020

OP2006-189 and Zoning By-law 178-2020 – Smartcentres Inc. – 370 Main Street North – Ward 1 – File OZS-2020-0003

Public Notice9/11/202010/5/2020
Planning and Development Services Committee of the Corporation of the City of Brampton​
Public Notice9/10/2020

​Notice of Intention to Amend Sign By-law 399-2002:
7685 Hurontario Street – Ward 3, and 9910 Airport Road – Ward 8

Public Notice9/3/20209/9/2020

​Proposed User Fees By-law Amendment with regard to Animal Services Fees

Public Notice8/20/20209/14/2020

​Planning and Development Services Committee of the Corporation of the City of Brampton​

Public Notice8/11/2020

ZBA 147-2020- Brampton Christian Fellowship Inc. - Ward 9 - File C05E17.006



Public Notice8/11/2020

OP2006-186 and ZBA 149-2020- 150 Don Minaker​ Drive - Ward 8- File C09E06.008


Public Notice8/11/2020

OP2006-187 and ZBA 151-2020- Habitat for Humanity - 25 William Street - Ward 1 - File C01E07.037


Public Notice7/30/2020

​Notice of Proposed Procedure By-law Amendment Electronic Meetings of Council, Committees and Boards, and Proxy Voting

Public Notice7/23/20208/5/2020

​​Surplus Declaration and Disposal of Remnant Land at the end of Brewster Road

Public Notice7/23/2020

​Adoption of Official Plan Amendment OP2006-184 (by-law 137-2020) and Zoning By-law 138-2020 - 17, 19, 21,23,25, 27 and 29 Clarence Street -  Ward 3

Public Notice7/23/2020

​Notice of Passing of By-law 141-2020  - 2185715 Ontario Inc. - Candevcon Ltd. - Ward 10

Public Notice7/23/2020

​Adoption of Official Plan Amendment OP2006-185 (By-law 139-2020) and Zoning By-law 140-2020 - 80 Scott Street - Ward 1