Public Meetings and Notices

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Public Meeting Notices

Public Notice5/15/2020

​Notice of Intention to Enact Brampton Stormwater Charge By-law

Public Notice5/14/20206/8/2020

​Planning and Development Services Committee of the Corporation of the City of Brampton

Public Notice5/12/20205/20/2020

​Revised - Surplus Declaration and Disposal of Remnant Surplus Land

Deadline - Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 4:30 p.m.

Public Notice4/24/20204/29/2020

​Notice of Intention to Amend Mobile Licensing By-law 67-2014 to Provide Relief to Mobile Licensing Fees and Timelines during the COVID-19 Emergency



Public Notice4/17/20209/9/2020

​Revised - Surplus Declaration and Disposal of Remnant Surplus Land

Public Notice4/16/2020

​Receipt of Claims for Lien pursuant to the Construction Act

Public Notice4/16/20204/22/2020

​Proposed Procedure By-law Amendment to enable Council Committees to Meet Electronically During an Emergency

Public Notice4/2/2020

​Proposed User Fees By-law Amendment with regard to Legal Services Fees

Public Notice3/19/2020

Notice of Passing of By-law 49-2020 Caplink Ltd. - 45 West Drive - Ward 3

Public Notice3/19/2020

​Notice of Passing of By-law 48-2020-  Investors Group Trust Compan Ltd.- 2 & 4 Hanover Drive - Ward 7

Public Notice3/12/20204/6/2020

​CANCELLED - Planning and Development Services Committee of the Corporation of the City of Brampton

Public Notice3/5/2020

​Notice of Passing of Official Plan Amendment OP2006-181 Employment Land Policies City-wide

Public Notice3/5/20203/11/2020

​​Notice of Intention to Amend Business Licensing By-law 332-2013

by adding a New Schedule to Regulate Payday Loan Businesses

Public Meeting3/3/20203/10/2020
Announcing a New Major Bus Transit Facility​
Public Notice3/3/2020

​Adoption of Official Plan Amendment OP2006-182 (By-law 29-2020) and Zoning By-law 30-2020 - Ward 10

Public Notice3/2/20203/11/2020

​Open House Notice – Review of the City’s Supportive Housing (Group Homes) Policies and Regulations.