Training Division

Division Chief – Richard Murdoch

The Training division is responsible for training and implementation of procedures for both our new recruit firefighters and our regular division of firefighting personnel.
With the advent of new hazards, new equipment and techniques, training is an integral part of the Fire Service and is a continuous process for all firefighters, no matter how long they have served. We continuously strive to keep our skills and knowledge at the highest level.
The division is located at 425 Chrysler Drive in Brampton.

Recruit Training

Firefighting recruits complete 16-tough weeks of training to prepare them for active service. During this period, they are put through a rigorous compressed curriculum that covers all of the many essential skill sets of the fire service. Some of the elements included in the program are medical, driving and pumping, auto-extrication, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, live-firefighting, and rapid intervention team training.