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Cooking safety tips

Did you know the number one cause of house fires is unattended cooking? Don’t become a statistic, stay close and stay alert while cooking in your kitchen.

Here are six tips to help you stay safe while cooking:

  1. Do not leave cooking unattended. If you must leave the room, turn off the oven or element first.
  2. Don’t wear loose fitting clothing such as loose sleeves or scarves as they may catch on fire.
  3. Never cook under the influence of alcohol or cannabis.
  4. Keep a lid or cookie sheet and oven mitts close by to use in case of a fire.
  5. Cook on low to medium heat especially when cooking with oil. NOTE: Oil does not need an ignition source to catch on fire – it will catch on fire suddenly if heat is too high.
  6. Never put water on a grease fire, use a lid or cookie sheet to smother the fire.

Garage safety tips

Clear the clutter! A fire-safe garage is a clean and tidy garage.

Here are four tips to help you keep your garage safe:

  1. Place oily rags in a metal container with a lid. Oil-soaked rags don’t need an ignition source like a match or lighter to catch fire.
  2. Never cook inside your garage. Do not BBQ or use a propane burner in the garage. Many garage fires start from unattended cooking in the garage.
  3. Always warm up your vehicle after you’ve moved it out of the garage. Vehicles release carbon monoxide (CO) which can make you very sick.
  4. Never use a propane heater inside the garage. Like vehicles, propane heaters create carbon monoxide which is an invisible poisonous gas.

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