Fire & Life Safety

Division Chief | Andrew vonHolt 
Coordinator | Tina Hickey
Our Division of Fire/Life Safety Education is our link to the public for administration and delivery of many various educational and intervention programs.
The division is located at 225 Central Park Drive in Brampton. The division consists of Coordinator Tina Hickey and Fire Life Safety Education Officers Michelle John, Phil Shuster, Margo Tennant, Kellie Speirs and Donna Naulls.

This division was first started in 1988 and was called the Community Relations division. It was obvious, even then, that our division of Fire Prevention was becoming overwhelmed with the responsibility of public education issues, and that a more specialized division was required to meet the needs of this very important segment of our department's mandate to provide public education.
The fact that this issue was given the highest priority in recent provincial legislation shows, once again, that the Brampton Fire and Emergency Services are leaders in the area of public service, and visionary in our anticipation of the needs of the citizens of Brampton.


The duties of this division include:
  • Fire Extinguisher Program
  • Tapp-C Program  
  • Co-Operative Education Program (High School Students)  
  • Senior Centres Staff Education Program
  • Hi-Rise Fire Safety Program
  • Public Information Centre
  • Industrial Fire Safety Program
  • Media Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Fire Safety Displays
  • Social Media Including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Stephanie's Place Program
  • Adult Injury Prevention Network
  • Remembering When Program for Seniors
  • What’s Cooking for Teens High School  Program
  • Guide Guides a, of Canada and Scouts of Canada various programs
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Carbon monoxide Awareness Week
  • Holiday Safety Information
  • Day Camps
  • Elementary School Outreach