Protect and respect water as a non-renewable, life critical resource.

Access to clean water is essential to life. We depend of clean water for drinking, recreation, household and commercial uses, and much more. Five rivers run through Brampton and into Lake Ontario, Brampton's source of drinking water. As the city grows, more pollution makes its way into our rivers and streams. Let's work together to protect our water resources and ensure that we can always meet the Brampton's water needs.

Click here to view the Grow Green Action Plan for Water.


  • Reuse of splash pad water to irrigate fields at Springdale Library
  • Installation of bioswale on County Court Blvd to collect and clean storm water run-off before it enters the Etobicoke Creek
  • Piloting of grey water/brown water systems in City Hall West Tower, Fire Station 212, and Springdale Library


Coming soon!