OBJECTIVE: Naturalize, restore and increase vegetation and tree cover in the City's valleylands and parks

Brampton's three main valley corridors (Credit River and Fletcher's Creek, Etobicoke Creek, and West Humber River) and natural areas have historically faced many ecological issues including severe urban encroachment, loss of biodiversity, increased erosion and degrading water quality. The Valley and Parks Naturalization Program aims to naturalize and restore the ecology of our valleylandsand parks, by planting along creek valleys and their tributaries as well as within neighbouring City parks.

Since 2002, the Brampton Valleys and Parks Naturalization Program has helped to restore over 220 hectares of valleyland and parks across the city with indigenous plant communities and provides a variety of ecological and social benefits including improved biodiversity, cooler stream temperatures, and more recreational opportunities to name a few.

Key Facts

  • 2,500 native trees and 12,000 native shrubs are planted annually
  • On average, 12-18 hectares (28-43 acres) are naturalized annually
  • Valleyland naturalization includes the valley cross section, water's edge and valley slopes
  • Parkland naturalization includes increasing tree canopy and naturalizing parks by increasing trees in tableland areas where appropriate
  • Allow meadowland, wildlife corridors and wetland systems to remain or be integrated
  • In 2009, the program received the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Award of Excellence​

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