What are the benefits of naturalization?

The Brampton Valleys and Parks Naturalization Program provides a variety of ecological and social benefits to the city. Below is a sample list of benefits provided by naturalization.

Benefits of Naturalizing Brampton's Valleys and Parks

Environmental Benefits
  • Increase plant diversity to create healthier, more resilient plant communities that can withstand the impacts of climate change
  • Expand hte city's vegetation and tree canopy cover
  • Create and/or improves wildlife habitat by introducing more wildlife into the valley
  • Improves growing conditions for understory plants (e.g., woodland flowers, ferns and mosses)
  • Creates cooler stream temperatures, improving fish habitats
  • Reduces valley bank erosion and silt build-up
  • Reduces air and water-based pollutants

Cultural/Socioecological Benefits
  • Improves the health and wellbeing of individuals both physically and mentally
  • Provides a place of refuge from extreme heat
  • Increases interest among various user groups (e.g., hikers, cyclists, naturalists, and nature photographers)
  • Enhances the City's valley trails and broader trail system
  • Encourage educational groups to use the valley as a study tool
  • A careful design approach to the naturalization process will encourage a safe user environment

Community Interest and Support
  • Encourages active involvement and stewardship towards the city's valleylands from citizens and comunity groups such as local angler groups, naturalist groups and Scouts Canada